Monday, November 14 | 6pm


We can make our own electricity from sunlight, and one day the grid power will also be green, so why not build all-electric projects that don’t depend on expensive and carbon-intensive fossil fuels?

Building zero or near zero net energy homes is a trending subject, and there has been a lot in the news lately about green living, and how homes can be designed and constructed in a sustainable way. Electric power is a sustainable choice that makes sense, as “electricity is the currency of renewable energy”. If the goal is to decarbonize, electricity is an effective way to do that. 



Wednesday, November 9 | 12pm

1 LU

As with other rough-in trades, electronic systems should be planned for well in advance of construction and documented at the construction drawing phase of design. This course describes the processes used by professionals in the project planning, design, and installation phases of electronic systems. Participants will be able to identify different types of residential systems and the unique impact of each on specific design considerations, such as space framing, electrical, and ventilation requirements.



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