TunnelTeller by Alicja Kwade

Opening Reception at Art Omi on Sept. 11


On view now in the Sculpture & Architecture Park

Alicia Kwade, TunnelTeller (2018). Stainless steel, concrete, natural stone (Macaubas azul)
© Alicja Kwade, courtesy 303 Gallery, New York. Photo: Alon Koppel.

Art Omi announces the addition of TunnelTeller,

an immersive outdoor sculpture by Alicja Kwade,

to the Sculpture & Architecture Park.

An opening reception will be held during the Fall Opening in the Sculpture & Architecture Park on Saturday, September 11, from 3 to 6 PM. The Fall Opening also commemorates the opening of To Feel Myself Beloved on the Earth, a solo exhibition by Jeffrey Gibson in the Newmark Gallery. TunnelTeller will remain on view at Art Omi through 2026.

TunnelTeller is an immersive, interactive structure designed to challenge the viewer’s notions of space and perception. This large-scale maze consists of concrete walls and steel, emphasizing human intervention and industrial construction, opposing the surrounding idyllic landscape. Walking around and through the structure, viewers are confronted by polished surfaces that distort their reflections, and large steel tubes that intersect the walls and walkways, inviting the viewer to look through them as telescopes. Through these openings, and dispersed through the maze are both natural vistas and thoughtfully placed blue stone spheres, reminiscent of the sky. With their placement inside the tubes and just outside of certain openings, it appears that the sky is falling through the structure, resulting in a kind of “world-making machine.”


Alicja Kwade

Based in Berlin, Alicja Kwade (b.1979, Poland) has long been engaged with value systems, philosophical questions about the essence of reality, and with attempting to examine, if not resolve, issues of inherently subjective concepts such as space and time. In her sculptures, installations, photographs, and films, Kwade probes the structural properties of everyday objects and the veracity of matter. Through this work, she aims to reveal possibilities for alternate realities while examining social agreements and supposed truths.


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