January 23, 2023 (Sag Harbor, NY)—Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts is pleased to announce local auditions for its 2023 Mainstage Season on Saturday, February 4, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Bay Street Theater.

Call Type
Equity Principal Audition

Date of Audition
Saturday, February 4, 2023—AEA 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Bay Street Theater
1 Long Wharf
Corner of Bay Street and Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Scott Schwartz—Artistic Director
John Sullivan—Associate Producer

LORT $926.00 per week

M/F Actors. Refer to Breakdown Here. Or see below.

1 Contemporary Monologue, no longer than 2 minutes. 16 bars of a song in the legit, contemporary musical theater or classical style for those who wish to demonstrate singing skill—no pop or rock songs please.

Stage Manager Submissions
Stage Managers, who wish to be considered for the season, may submit materials to https://forms.gle/HXe5ePCuXHF2m6yv8
Click on the provided link on the webpage to submit your resume and cover letter.

Equity contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Bay Street Theater welcomes performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, abilities/exceptionalities, and body types. Actors of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply. In addition to genders listed in character breakdowns, we are actively seeking transgender and non-binary performers for all roles.

Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend.





Book, Music & Lyrics by Madeline Myers
Director: Scott Schwartz
Choreographer: Addy Chan
Contract Dates: May 1–June 18, 2023


Rosalind Franklin: Late 20-30s, Jewish-identifying, seeking all ethnicities. Soprano with strong mix. 31 years old in 1951. British.  Rosalind, a Jewish Londoner, is a physical chemist and specialist in x-ray diffraction.  She is a brilliant scientist and has a force of character that does not suffer fools gladly.  She can be argumentative, confrontational, and hot-tempered, but is also filled with passion, heart and a keen desire to understand the world.  Rosalind loves to go to the mountains to hike.  This role has been cast. Seeking potential understudies.

Maurice Wilkins: 30s, seeking all ethnicities. Tenor. 35 years old in 1951.  British.  Maurice is the assistant director of the biophysics unit at King’s College in London.  He is the temperamental opposite of Rosalind; he is reserved, quiet, patient, shy, speculative, and non-confrontational.  He avoids conflict and doesn’t make eye contact.  Maurice is also a lone wolf.  Emotionally bruised, he is recently divorced from his American wife and is separated from his young son.

Jacques Mering: 30s-40s, Jewish-identifying, seeking all ethnicities. Tenor. Russian/French. Jacques is a leading x-ray crystallographer under whom Rosalind trained at le labo in Paris. Jacques is charming, carefree, and a true bon vivant.  He wants to savor and enjoy his life.  He is also soulful and emotional.  Jacques is a Russian-born jew who came to France early in life as a refugee, and he is now married and estranged from his wife while carrying on an affair with Rosalind.

Adrienne Weill: Late 30s-40s, Jewish-identifying, seeking all ethnicities. Alto with strong mix.  French. Adrienne is a French-Jewish refugee, scientist, and Rosalind’s friend.  Adrienne is extraordinary, commanding, and groundbreaking as a scientist and scholar; brave and shrewd as a widowed mother who managed to get herself and her daughter out of France; and nurturing and inspiring as a mentor to Rosalind.  She also has a good sense of humor and a witty, clever side.

James Watson: 20s, seeking all ethnicities. Tenor. 23 years old in 1951. American. A wunderkind who achieved his doctorate at age 23, and of course one of the people who would eventually be credited for the discovery of the structure of DNA.  Watson is calculating and manipulative; he will stop at nothing to achieve glory through scientific discovery.  He is an irrepressible talker and a quick mind.  Watson is untidy and not well-put-together, wearing his tennis shoes with united laces and shorts even in the winter.  He and Crick are scientific soul mates (see below).

Francis Crick: 30s, seeking all ethnicities. Tenor/baritone. 35 years old in 1951. British. Gregarious, lively, always talking and joking, Francis Crick has a boisterous personality and has yet to get his doctorate at age 35.  He is also eventually credited for discovering the structure of DNA.  He is a protein crystallographer with an easy charm and confidence. He and Watson are scientific soul mates (see above).

John Randall: Mid 40s – 60s, seeking all ethnicities. Tenor/baritone. British.  John Randall is the director of the biophysics unit at King’s College in London.  Randall is a war hero from WWII; he is very much a military man and runs his lab and the race like a military effort.  He is ambitious, driven and will work his lab as hard as it takes to win.  A bit of a showman, Randall wears dandyish American-made suits, a bow tie, and a fresh flower on his lapel.

Raymond Gosling: 20s, seeking all ethnicities. Open to a variety of vocal ranges. 25 in 1951.  British.  Raymond Gosling is a PhD candidate and doctoral student at King’s. A bit dotty (think the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland) and also funny. He is good-natured and is assigned to assist Rosalind.

Alec Stokes: 20s-30s, seeking all ethnicities. Open to a variety of vocal ranges. British.  Physicist and mathematician at the biophysics unit at King’s College; Maurice’s right-hand man.  A conservative and traditionalist.  Playful with his friends, tough on those he sees as his enemies.


Dial M For Murder 

by Frederick Knotts
Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
Director: Walter Bobbie
Contract Dates: June 1–July 23, 2023

Margot Wendice; British (30s-40s) A wealthy sociality who is married to Tony but having an affair with Maxine.  She is intelligent but a bit naïve, and wishes her life were different than it is.

Maxine Hadley: American (30s-40s).  A smart, tough American writer of thrillers.  Worldly, playful, with a bit of 1950’s glamour.

Tony Wendice: British (30s-40s) Margot’s husband, a failing novelist himself, who has contrived of a plot to have her murdered.  Clever, seemingly a dashing good lad, but dark and scheming underneath.

Lesgate: British (30s-40s) A con man and an ex-school mate of Tony’s, he’s the man that Tony convinces to murder his wife.  Strong, a bit threatening, but also a bit desperate.

Inspector Hubbard: British (40s-50s) A inspector who tries to and ultimately untangles the web of Tony’s lies and ultimately saves Margot.  Inquistive, but seemly “by the book.”  Ultimately he is much smarter than he seems.



by Terrence McNally
Director: Susan Stroman
Contract Dates: July 7–September 3, 2023

Maria Callas: 50-70, Female Identifying. A hugely successful world-class opera diva who, following her operatic career, has come to Julliard to teach opera students; she is glamorous, intelligent, and has a commanding presence; she is fiercely dedicated to teaching her students about commitment to the demanding discipline of the art; she stresses the need for them to not just sing the notes but to embody the character; she does not mince words; she has a dry and somewhat piercing sense of humor; she is frequently misjudged by an outward personae that belies the sensitive and vulnerable woman who lives within her. This role has been cast. Seeking possible future replacements.

Sophie DePalma: 22-30 years old. First Soprano. Must be a strong operatic soprano and actresses; thinks of herself as fiery but is soon overwhelmed and intimidated by Maria’s criticism; Must be able to sing Bellini’s Sonnamblia aria, Ah non credcea mirati. Prepare an aria/legit musical theatre piece for the audition.

Sharon Graham: 22-30 years old. Must be a strong operatic soprano and actress; sensitive, but courageous; not afraid to ask questions; works very hard; she is feisty enough to stand up and talk back to Callas. Must be able to sing Verdi’s Macbetto, Lady MacBeth’s letter aria, Vieni! T’affretta. Prepare an aria/legit musical theatre piece.

Anthony Candolino: 22-30 years old. Tenor. Attractive and flirtatious; confident verging on cocky. Possesses openness and courage, naive about the prepartion necessary to be an opera singer. Serious about becoming an artist. A good listener. Must be able to sing Recondita Armonia from Tosca. Prepare an aria/legit musical theatre piece for the audition.

Manny Weinstock: 30-60 years old. Accomplished Accompanist; smart, savvy, good-humored; respects Callas; performer who can play the piano (and the arias in the breakdown).

The Stagehand: Any age. A dedicated theatre stagehand.


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