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East End Arts expands programming to fill

educational need for East End Communities

East End Arts & Humanities Council, Inc. present the expansion of homeschool art and music programming for students throughout the East End. Programming in arts, music, and science education was created to fulfill a need for student education in homeschool and enrichment for remote District learning models.
East End Arts offers alternate days and times corresponding opposite of East End in-person school schedules. Arts homeschool and enrichment education consist of music, fine art, theatre, performance workshops, and advanced art programs; such as art portfolio development. All course offerings are open to Kindergarten through grade 12.
In addition, beginning in October, EEA offers a full 15-week STEAM course in collaboration with the Long Island Science Center. One-hour STEAM classes focus on engaging children utilizing VAKT method to increase learning retention. At a minimum, STEAM classes will teach art, art history, and science.
All homeschool and enrichment offerings are in addition to private music lessons and art workshops currently offered by East End Arts. Private instruction, some workshops, and enrichment courses are offered virtually or on-campus. 
Homeschool and enrichment instruction will begin in September. Please visit www.eastendarts.org/school/classes.html to browse course offerings and for further information.
East End Arts is a multi-award winning 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts organization serving the five East End towns of Long Island, NY since 1972, and is committed to building and enriching community through the arts by way of creating a vibrant arts community on the East End that enhances individual and professional artistic development, stimulates community enrichment, economic development, and cultural tourism while encouraging a wide range of artistic expression through education, exhibition and performance, and collaboration across the community. As a regional multi-arts center recognized as an “outstanding organization focused on local neighborhood priorities,” East End Arts acts as a powerful catalyst for economic and cultural revitalization in Riverhead, its home base, and for the surrounding villages and towns. Dedicated to cultural development, East End Arts is a stimulus for regional economic growth and revitalization efforts through promotion of the arts.
For more information or details about homeschool and enrichment education, contact the Director of Education at 631-369-42171 or email kruscick@eastendarts.org.
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