In 2022 we were able to get back together, in person, on the stage again! We have so much to be thankful for, including new participants, new staff, and new space for meetings and rehearsals (THANK YOU Southampton Arts Center!). Your support means so much to all of us. Thank you!

For those of you who do not know a whole lot about us, we are over two dozen actors with a variety of abilities and we live throughout the East End. East End Special Players is our theater company and we meet weekly to create our own original productions. We have been performing since 1985! In 2014 we created The Explorers program where many of us (and a few others) meet weekly to explore the variety of arts and culture offerings on the east end, and then we cook and share a meal together.

In 2023 – with your help – we will present our next play, Turtles on the Tarmac, at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. But we need your help. As we find our way out of COVID we face many new challenges. Please help us keep our troupe alive and well, performing as we have done on the East End for over 35 years.


In 2022 we organized the inaugural Create Fair at Southampton Arts Center. EESP took the lead in bringing together several other regional organizations to showcase their impact and partnerships. In addition, the talents of the Explorers and Players were on display. With your help, we can carry this new event forward.




Dear Friend,

The creativity of the Players and Explorers continues to amaze, even in these challenging times. Today we reach out to share updates and ask for your generous support. 

In 2022 the troupe got out from behind the zoom camera and started to meet in person regularly. They continue to work tirelessly on their next play which will be brought to the stage in April 2023. At this time, we need your support more than ever. We are taking on new production challenges including staffing, set design, and sourcing costumes and props – all of which require resources. As we gear up for the production we will need to bring on technicians and stage managers to assist. If you have ever been fortunate enough to see The East End Special Players in performance, you will know they carry on with enthusiasm and brilliance.

We need your help so Jacqui Leader and her team can continue to meet weekly with the Players and Explorers, and we can cover our expenses during this production cycle. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to keep the East End Special Players and Explorers viable.

Thank you so much for your consideration. Any amount is greatly appreciated. The link below makes donating easy. And please know the Players and Explorers are so appreciative. With your support the curtain will rise again. The Players and Explorers deserve nothing less.

Your donation is only one click away: Support EESP today! 


Wishing you and yours happy holidays,

Chris Siefert, Board Chair

and the EESP Board Members:

Marie-Eve Berty

David Brandenburg

Genie Henderson

Tracy Mitchell

Kathy Rogers

Paul Rogers

Mary Spitzer

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