Please support our Annual Appeal!

I am enormously grateful to the hundreds of people who’ve helped the East Hampton Historical Society this year. Thanks to you, we’ve – 
  • Partnered with other nonprofits, schools, and local government to dramatically increase our programming, 
  • Taught cultural and natural history to thousands of students,
  • Opened the new Dominy Shops Museum on North Main Street, 
  • Developed plans to construct a new state-of-the-art collections storage facility, and 
  • Preserved East Hampton’s important historical character.  
In addition to preserving and interpreting our six historic sites and museums, the East Hampton Historical Society is presenting the past throughout the community. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to witness –
  • Amazement in the eyes of 4th graders learning about the American Revolution when they realize they’re standing in the home of someone who received a copy of the Declaration of Independence. 
  • Curiosity among 1st graders when they first find out about cardinal direction during a field trip. 
  • Inspiration that Thomas and Mary Nimmo Moran have provided artists in East Hampton today. 
  • A sense of belonging expressed by a Mulford descendant who had been adopted when he discovers his family history. 
Looking ahead, we want to be a vital resource where history comes alive, and our community comes together to explore East Hampton’s layered past.
We count on you to help us achieve this vision. Your support enables our community to sustain its sense of place. 
Thank you!
Steve Long
Executive Director
East Hampton Historical Society | 151 Main StreetEast Hampton, NY 11937



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