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History Project


Join our COVID CREW!
During this time in our history, East Hampton like the rest of the world is experiencing something unprecedented.
As YOUR historical society, it is our responsibility to collect and tell the stories of East Hampton town; and this is just one of its chapters. When the 1918 flu hit, we were able to document it through letters in our collection.
So, we are conducting a project to document this time.
Phase One: We are collecting images and videos from during quarantine and reopening and as we emerge into the new normal.
Phase Two: The images and videos will be included in a “documentary” recounting this period this fall. We are partnering with LTV to produce the final video to share this autumn. Who knows, this may become an exhibit sometime!
How you can participate?
We want to set up a COVID CREW! Young people who, when experiencing summer and fall in East Hampton, can take photos and short video clips of the new normal around them. A news team on location if you will.
We would also invite your own person reflection clips answering some (or all) of the following questions:
How do you feel the pandemic has affected you?
How do you feel about having left mid-school year? About going back to school?
What are your thoughts about all the social unrest and movements happening across the nation? About how people and businesses in East Hampton Town have reacted to these events?
What will you tell your children and grandchildren about living through the pandemic?
What has been the hardest change? The easiest or most surprising?
OR, is there something else you wish to share??
For those under the age of 18, please request and return a signed Parental Consent & Publicity Release to participate. ALL participants are required to sign off on the Publicity Release, even if over 18.
Please send in your images and short video clips to share with us. We would like to include pics of graduations, masks, social distanced family parties, etc., anything you think helps to tell the story of these times.
Please send your video clips and images to
Please remember to share your name, address, and phone numbers so we have that for our records, thanks!
Your submissions become property of the East Hampton Historical Society collection.
We hope to continue to grow this program and each summer use the CREW to “go after” another topic of interest. We are also happy to write letters supporting your volunteerism hours if needed.
See you on ZOOM
Once the team is assembled, we will plan for a ZOOM meeting with you to hear what you think and share your ideas…and of course, get to know one another.
THANK YOU and we look forward to you joining US!!

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