Eastville Community Historical Society summer solo exhibit, The Age of Allure by artist Sabina Street. Reclaiming what we most have in common and cherish, the beauty of the arts and all it provides to our well-being. The opening reception will be Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 12 noon. 

The Age of Allure is a natural continuum of my historically-based exhibitions; Captains, Mates and Widows(2014), Sister Sailors and Sons of Sag Harbor (2015), and The Five Wives of Captain Hand: A Maritime Melodrama (2017). The Age of Allure highlights the African and Native American residents of Sag Harbor’s Eastville community in the 19th century. 


“Eastville Community Historical Society director Dr. Georgette Grier invited me about a year ago to work on a series of portraits based on tintypes that had been found beneath the floorboards of the former Eastville studio of photographer W.G Howard. The portraits were exhibited in a wonderful 2014 show entitled Collective Identities – of which I have based my work~Sabina Streeter

Streeter stated, “she was immensely honored to create these portraits. In these challenging times, to illustrate and emphasize the depth and diversity of our local history is more important than ever before. I hope I have done some justice to the Eastville community with this series of paintings.”


Sabina Streeter is a contemporary artist whose portraits are based in classical traditions and include an extraordinarily diverse range of present and historical figures. 

Streeter enlarges reality, then cuts to the emotional with an unblinking clarity of detail. Her work dramatizes issues of history, popular culture, and universal longing. The freely gestural strokes are executed in charcoal, pastel, gouache , oils and result in a movement between figurative painting and abstraction. 

As Alanna Heiss, founder of MoMA PS1, observes, “Sabina’s work has a unique conceptual content and an aura of cool detachment that is ironic without being jaded or exaggerated. If I had to choose one living artist to distill my likeness on canvas, it would be her.” 

Sabina Streeter was born in Munich, Germany to a family of artists. She lives and works in Sag Harbor, New York since 1992.





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