Dan McCleary Still Lifes 


The Madoo Conservancy is pleased to present Still Lifes, an exhibition of recent paintings by Dan McCleary, on view in the summer studio from May 13 through June 24. Madoo is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 12 – 4pm and by appointment. Please register at madoo.org/visit.

For the painter of still lifes, nothing stands still.

The practice of still life painting is timeless. Yet, what it is most concerned with is time. Through the forced isolation of the pandemic, Dan McCleary has focused exclusively upon painting the silent life of fruit and flowers. But illusion is secondary, the byproduct of acute observation and putting brush to canvas. Chasing time, recorded with color and line, the by and by changing flowers and fruit depicted in McCleary’s intimate paintings are captured just moments before imperceptible shifts appear inevitable. These still lifes live, offering a glimpse into the artist’s perception of that moment.

Dan McCleary is an artist and founder of Art Division, an organization located in the MacArthur Park of Los Angeles. He is represented by Crail Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, California and Texas Gallery in Houston. His work can be found in many collections, including Metropolitan Museum of Art, LACMA in Los Angeles, and the New York Public Library.

The MADOO Conservancy is dedicated to the study, preservation, and enhancement of MADOO, the ever changing, horticulturally diverse garden with historic structures established in 1967 by artist, gardener, and writer Robert Dash in the village of Sagaponack, New York. At Madoo, a unique living tribute to the artistic imagination of its founder, we seek to continually engage, educate, and inspire our visitors within this entirely organic environment. The Madoo Conservancy is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity.  



(Sagaponack, NY, May 1, 2023) — 

Photo: Bernard Cooper / Dan McCleary:

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