Private Champagne Reception:
5:00 – 6:00pm 
Public Opening Reception:
6:00 – 7:30pm
The Grenning Gallery is pleased to present Carl Bretzke’s first solo show at the Grenning Gallery, Best in Show on Saturday May 18th, 2019.  Also, we are introducing the nationally known sculptor Jim Rennert in a debut show, Business in Bronze. An invitation only, champagne reception will take place from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.  A public opening reception will follow, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

“Hampton Last Light” Carl Bretzke 24 x 36 inches, Oil on Linen, 2019

Carl Bretzke (b. 1954, Minnesota) earned his spot on the Grenning Gallery roster with his original, yet refined interpretation of real American life. Classically trained, and driven to paint directly from nature, Bretzke’s images encapsulate the subtle emotions roiling within each scene. Cinematic yet gritty, some have likened his work to that of Edward Hopper for putting his finger on that somewhat melancholic feeling found in celebrated American realism. Although Bretzke has had a long history as a highly decorated plein-air painter, this is his first solo show at the Grenning Gallery, firmly lodging him in our stable of core artists.

“Metro Supperclub” Carl Bretzke, 20 x 28 inches, Oil on Linen, 2019

It’s important to note that Bretzke has been an award winning plein-air painter for years while practicing medicine full time. Only 3 years ago, he decided to turn to painting full time, and we have seen his body of work get richer, deeper in emotional content, and now larger in scale.  We are not the only ones who have noticed.  Mark Jenkins, of The Washington Post (Feb 20,2015), once described Bretzke’s work as “simultaneously intimate and detached…with a style that recalls Edward Hopper and the Ashcan School.”

“Next Generation, Maquette” Jim Rennert, Edition 3/3, Bronze, 30 x 26 inches, 2012

Jim Rennert was born in 1958, and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. After ten trying years of working for a corporate business, Rennert was inspired to explore his artistic vision and embarked upon his career as a sculptor in 1990. He began exhibiting in galleries in 1993 and has since gained significant recognition.
Rennert’s seminal series of works is immediately identifiable, with simplified figures and forms depicting men and women in suits. Combining the traditional medium of bronze with modern forms of flat laser cut steel, he illustrates concepts of corporate success and the obstacles faced by the modern working man. Drawing on both his past professional experiences, and those of his contemporaries, Rennert composes thought-provoking works to which viewers undeniably react and relate. His early works emphasize movement and physical metaphor, while more recent pieces show the development of a more contemplative character.

“Think Big” Jim Rennert, Installed at Union Square Park, 2015

Rennert continually exhibits at the major U.S art fairs as well as galleries in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado, and British Columbia, with private and corporate collectors world-wide.
 From June 2014 – May 2015, Rennert’s monumental public installation, “Think Big” was exhibited in New York City’s Union Square, in cooperation with the NYC Parks Department.
 His work has been exhibited in several museum collections such as the Coral Springs Museum in Coral Springs, FL, the Kimball Museum in Park City, UT, the Springville Museum in Springville, UT and the National Museum of Ski History in New Hartford, CT.

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“Leverage” Jim Rennert
Edition of 45, Bronze, 2008
24 x 6 x 6 inches

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pre-sold FOUR new Bretzke paintings. So please reach out if you’d like to secure your favorite!

“Harbor Evening Clouds”


“Cold Night in the Parking Booth”


“Street Light at Dusk”


“Backwoods Cabin and Chair”

“Time Out” Jim Rennert
Edition 4/9, Bronze, 2010
20 x 10 x 3 inches

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