We are going green! We now ask that small baked goods (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake slices) NOT arrive prepackaged for sale. The Bake Sale will be “eco-friendly” – no plastic. We will sell baked goods right from the glass cookie jars and cake domes, just like Aunt Ella would have!
Baked goods will be served with small paper plates and paper napkins, or with biodegradable waxed paper bags and compostable clear bags. We also will no longer sell beverages in plastic bottles – we will offer cans and boxes only. We will also be offering $1 water refills for anyone with their own beverage container. 
So, Bakers, please ignore the message sent out last week about pre-packaging your baked goods. Just bring the entire cake, batch of cookies, the whole cake, etc.!
  • Baked goods can be dropped off at Hallockville on Friday, August 23rd from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Please sign-in when you drop off your baked goods so that we can make sure to send you a thank you note!
  • All items with nuts MUST be labeled!
  • IF you would like to bake and freeze ahead of time, please let us know! We have freezer space available!
  • Please encourage your friends and family to attend with their own beverage containers!





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