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Winter 2021

Time to curl up with a good read and a cup of HAMPTON COFFEE!
Join author Bill Bleyer for his presentation

Maritime Smuggling on Long Island:

From Pirates to Rumrunners

Lecture: $25,  Saturday, March 20, 2021, Time: 3 PM
Register and receive your Zoom credentials by calling: 631.298.5292
Listen to a PowerPoint lecture by historian, author and former Newsday reporter Bill Bleyer to learn why pirates like Captain Kidd were attracted to Long Island at the turn of the 18th century and how a visit by Kidd to Gardiners Island led to him dying on the gallows in London. And learn why Long Island was so attractive to bootleggers during Prohibition that it became known as Rum Row and was frequented by bootleggers like William “The Real McCoy” McCoy and gangsters like Dutch Schultz.
Registrants also receive a gift certificate for a cup of Hampton Coffee.

Next Book


“Long Island Migrant Labor Camps:

Dust for Blood” by Mark A. Torres,

published 2021

Reading dates: March 21, 2021 – April 23, 2021
Virtual Author discussion: April 17, 2021 at 3 PM
Looking forward to lively discussions and a healthy dose
of Long Island history!
To register email or call: info@hallockville.com 631.298.5292



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