Directed by Artist/Author Joyce Raimondo


January 11, 6:30 – 7:30 pm EST


For adults. Free!

Offered by The Hampton Bays Public Library

Why would an artist sprinkle salt onto a painting or let water drip onto it? In this workshop, we will experiment with a variety of watercolor techniques to create special effects. Then paint an outdoor scene using these techniques. Please bring a photo that you would like to use as inspiration for your painting. 
*SUPPLIES: watercolor paints, palette, brushes, water, watercolor paper, paper towels or rag, salt.
*If you do not have these supplies on hand, you are welcome to observe or bring whatever supplies you do have.
A note of appreciation to Donna Valle, Adult Program Coordinator, The Hampton Bays Public Library for offering these Zoom art workshops beyond the physical borders of the library during this difficult time.
Joyce Raimondo is Founding Director of Imagine That! Art Education.
An artist who is author of seven art books, she is a leading expert in art education. .
Call 917 502 0790 or email Joyce for more information.



AAQ / Resource: Joseph Pagac Architect