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Exhibit Review: 

Elegance and Seduction in Nishan Kazazian’s Use of Perspective


“Nishan Kazazian: Art, Architecture & Digital Installations” is the latest exhibition of the multitalented architect, artist, and designer in preparation for the launch of his upcoming monograph. Kazazian, an American born in Beirut, Lebanon of Armenian descent, is a licensed architect and artist. He explores the osmotic relationships of art and architecture in all of his oeuvre. His upcoming publication is tentatively titled “Connecting the Dots: The Architecture and Art of Nishan Kazazian.”

The exhibition explores the arc of Kazazian’s career from 1972, when he arrived to New York on a Fulbright grant, to 2017. It distills his work into 21 prints of digital installations, 8 photographic installations of digital sculptures, 11 plexiglass constructions, as well as watercolors, drawings, (most with architectural and urban subjects) and some architectural models. Together, these illuminate the complex, ongoing interaction in Kazazian’s work between architecture and its methods and mediums of representation.

Curated by Kazazian himself, the show is devoted to a recurring theme within his work, the radical questioning of some of the most deeply rooted assumptions of art and architecture, especially those that link architectural representation to the physicality of its constructions….


— Nélida Nassar

Art & Culture Today