SVOG application portal is open.


In preparation, we suggest you read the final SVOG FAQ that was released on Monday, as there is a great deal of new, operational details. (As always, all updates in the FAQ are marked with an asterisk*)
We’ve highlighted some important updates below:
First, eligible entities are no longer required to provide an Audited Financial Statement, but rather provide a normal financial statement. This should help a great deal. (Question 17).
Second, the SBA has acknowledged that there is some confusion on the application as to whether certain questions (18-27) apply to only venue owners, even where operators should be included. The SBA will not likely be able to clarify the language before the portal opens but notes that these questions should be read as broadly referencing those venues used by an applicant rather than more narrowly applying only to those venues owned by an applicant.
And finally, the SBA offers some advice on the application process: Applicants should make sure to save frequently and have the SVOG website (www.sba.gov/svogrant) open and ready as a reference guide. (Question 40). The application will allow for a maximum file size of 35 MB per file. Accepted files formats are: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, docx, .xls, and .xlsx.
It has been a long road, so glad we are close to the finish line!
Good luck and please keep us posted on how LIAA can further assist.
Stay Safe,
Lauren Wagner
Director | Long Island Arts Alliance



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