LongHouse Reserve 2022 Fall Season

Open Wednesdays – Sundays Through December


This Fall season, LongHouse Reserve offers Japanese Tea Ceremonies, After Dark Garden Tours, Sound and Silence Meditations, and Spirit of the Garden Saturday’s. LongHouse is open five days a week with seasonal activities for the whole family!

Adriana Barone returns to LongHouse to host Sound and Silence on October 22nd and November 5th. Experience meditation with the intention of self-healing and exploration. Begin to bring to the forefront a sense of compassionate self-awareness using the modalities of meditation and sound healing that include a combination of sounds and movement brought to you by the curated expert. $25 for members; $30 for non-members.


Experience Chado, commonly referred to as the Japanese Tea Ceremony, at LongHouse Reserve on October 22nd (12pm, 2:30pm, 4pm). Tea Master, Ayako Souryo, and her group will prepare and share a bowl of Matcha tea with each and every guest in this intimately cultivated gathering. Guests will learn about Chado practitioners and appreciate the four principles – Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility – through the practice. $40 for members; $50 for non-members.

Wear your costumes to Spirit of the Garden: Halloween on October 29th, while we trick or treat, enjoy fall foliage and dance to the spirit of the gardens! From 10am – 12pm, bring your furry friends for Canines in Costume ($25 for members; $35 for non-members) – all dogs are welcome on the property! At 11am, 1pm, and 3pm Holger Winenga will lead tours of the Campion Redwoods in collaboration with Southampton Arts Center (free for members, $20 for non-members). At 3pm will be The Holy Man’s Garden Puppet Show with Megan Chaskey. Then at 4pm, guests can try lantern making followed by a procession through the gardens as the sun begins to set.


Spirit of the Garden Harvest is November 19th, as we celebrate the bountiful harvest season with LongHouse trees showing their vibrant autumnal colors. At 3pm, guests are welcomed to enjoy a Native American Puppet Show with peot, musician, and educator, Megan Chaskey. Afterwards, guests are welcomed to participate in seed swapping.

LongHouse’s Spirit of the Garden: Solstice celebration will be December 17th. Come see a Turtle Island puppet show by Megan Chaskey where guests learn about the Haudenosaunee story. A story about how a Sky Woman fell from the Sky World and, with help from the animals, Turtle Island formed on Turtle’s back from a handful of earth and seeds she brought from the Great Tree in the Sky World.

Visit LongHouse Illuminated, Friday’s and Saturday’s from November 25th through December 17th. After dark garden paths will be lined with luminaria and custom glowing sculptures for guests to experience the gardens in a completely different light. Enjoy the beauty of the trees and plants along with carol singers throughout. The pavilion market will offer holiday snacks and warm beverages will be provided by local concessions.

LongHouse Reserve’s regular Fall schedule has expanded; now open Wednesday through Sunday until December. A Membership, starting at $95, allows you to visit us an unlimited number of times throughout the season. General admission is $15, $10 for seniors, with no charge for veterans or active-duty personnel. LongHouse is always free for anyone 18 and under and to College Students with a valid Student ID.

For tickets and more information is available at www.longhouse.org.

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October 22 at 9am – Sound and Silence with Adriana Barone

Participate in meditation and self-healing exercises with Adriana Barone at LongHouse. Meditation and sound healing can help you develop self-awareness that is compassionate. Movement and sound, together with the energy of a group, help us to expand our viewpoints and to see things in a new way. This fall, take your body, mind and soul out of the box and feel a sense of limitlessness. 

For tickets visit:


$25 for members; $30 for non-members


October 22 at 12pm, 2:30pm, 4pmJapanese Tea Ceremony

This fall, don’t pass up the opportunity to taste a Chado that is absolutely authentic. Each visitor to this small gathering will get a bowl of Matcha tea from Tea Master Ayako Souryo Takamoto and her team.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, or Chado in English, is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline for self-raffination. Through the application of more than four centuries’ worth of knowledge, Chado practitioners learn to understand and value the four principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. The philosophy, arts, and history of chado have had an ongoing influence on Japanese culture. Matcha was initially used in Buddhist ceremonies in the eleventh century before being introduced to the aristocracy and Samurai lords.

Limited to 20 guests per session. $40 for members; $50 for non-members.

For tickets visit:



October 29 – Spirit of the Garden Saturday: Halloween

Wear costumes, come for tricks and treats, enjoy fall foliage, and dance to the spirit of the garden.  Reservations recommended, walk-ins welcome. All are welcome to come celebrate the spirit of the garden at LongHouse on Halloween Saturday!

Canines in Costumes from 10am – 12pm

Bring your pup, your rescue, your best canine friend in costume to LongHouse for a romp on the great lawn, treats, and companionship. In collaboration with ARF and so many of you who have been asking to bring your dogs to LongHouse.

For tickets, visit:


$25 for members; $35 for non-members


The Champion Trees of LongHouse Garden Tour at 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Join LongHouse horticulturist, Holger Winenga, in collaboration with Southampton Art Center for the Celebration of Trees exhibition right in the LongHouse Reserve’s own backyard. Find out more about our collection’s tallest, most majestic trees, such as the Coastal Redwoods, Ginko trees, Dawn Redwoods, and the numerous native trees that adorn the grounds. Take pictures, ask questions, and be ready to look up!

For tickets, visit:


$20 for non-member


The Holy Man’s Garden Puppet Show with Megan Chaskey at 3pm

The king of a faraway kingdom resided in a gorgeous palace, but he desired more: gardens that were superior to everyone else’s. In this tale, the king is described as having learnt from the Holy Man how to make his own genuine, lovely garden.

Lantern Making and Procession through the Garden at 4pm

Lantern Festival: Guests will have the opportunity to make their very own lanterns and then participate in a lantern walk through the gardens.

For more information, visit:



November 19 – Spirit of the Garden Saturday: Harvest

Native American Woman Puppet Show with Megan Chaskey at 3pm

In this age-old Zuni tale, Grasshopper presents the Old Coyote Woman his song. Can she remember it long enough to plant a garden of her own? What about the little boy who hears the song of the Grasshopper? Discover how the ancestors acquired the skill of saving seeds. Guests are welcomed to participate in Seed Swapping after the puppet show.

For more information, visit: https://longhouse.org/pages/spirit-of-the-garden-harvest


December 17 – Spirit of the Garden Saturday: Solstice

Watermelon Seeds Puppet Show with Megan Chaskey at 3pm

In this Haudenosaunee story, guests will learn how Sky Woman fell from the Sky World and how, with the aid of the animals and a handful of soil and seeds she carried from the Great Tree in the Sky World, Turtle Island formed on Turtle’s back.

For more information, visit:



LongHouse Illuminated: See the Gardens in a Different Light

Fridays and Saturdays from November 25th through December 17th

Timed Ticket Entry at 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Visit LongHouse after dark to see the grounds in a new way on garden walks dotted with luminaria and sparkling sculptures. Carol singers will welcome you along the path as you take in the beauty of the trees and flora in winter. Warm up in the market pavilion with seasonal treats and hot beverages offered by nearby booths.

On this one, working on pricing, vendors for the lights or how much we can do ourselves. 

For more information, visit https://longhouse.org/pages/longhouse-illuminated


LongHouse Reserve

LongHouse Reserve teaches living with art in all of its forms.  We cherish the land, a nature reserve with thousands of living species; place, an institution to learn, explore and grow; and spirit; a relaxing sanctuary for a break from everyday life. With those aspects at heart, the 2022 season will be one to remember!

LongHouse Reserve is a 16-acre sculpture garden and natural sanctuary located in East Hampton, NY. As many as 60 works of art, including sculptures by Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono, and Willem de Kooning can be viewed in the LongHouse gardens, which are open to the public from April to December with changing exhibitions each year. The gardens serve as a living case study of the interaction between plants and people in the 21st century. LongHouse’s goal is to expand the imagination and appeal to visitors of all ages, with an education program providing students with docent-led school tours, online materials, internship activities, family-activity guides, and the LongHouse Scholarship Award.

LongHouse was founded by Jack Lenor Larsen (1927-2020), internationally known textile designer, author, and collector. Larsen’s 13,000 square foot house was designed by Charles Fourberg, a nephew of Walter Gropius, and based on the sacred shrine on the Ise Peninsula in Japan.  A team is currently studying the future use of the house and welcomes thoughts from our visitors in our workshops and talks this summer.



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