Thank you for helping us celebrate!

It’s been a great year here at Madoo, our 25th in fact, as a public garden! Everyone has been so generous with their praise for the advances we have made. But we can’t do it without you. Take a look below:

We’ve grown up!


Yes, the IRS has determined that we’re a PUBLIC CHARITY! Madoo has been a 501 (c) 3 for 25 years but this past summer we received a letter from our friends at the IRS alerting us to our new status. This means that if your grant giving foundation can only give to public charities, you can now give to Madoo without hesitation!
And hasn’t the yew maze grown up beautifully as well?
Photo: Mick Hales

Shop Local

But if you can’t find what you need in town (and always start there first!) head over to and select Madoo as your charity of choice. For every eligible purchase we’ll get .05%. Trust us, it adds up!

Don’t you love the smiles on these campers from the Bridgehampton Childcare and Recreational Center? They’re also worthy of a gift this year.

Come and volunteer!


We need all the help we can get!  We’re always looking for volunteers, not just for the garden but also for office work, events, educational programs, etc. Sign up here.
Hasn’t our volunteer Dan McLaughlin done a nice job this year in the potager that board member Leslie Close helped redesign?
Photo: Mick Hales

And of course there’s always the Annual Appeal!


We’ve started our annual appeal with a goal of $200,000 and we’re already at $29,000. Won’t you help us along? Your donations this past year helped rebuild and repaint our iconic gazebo. Thank you!
Photo: Mick Hales




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