MuseNews November 2020

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Nassau Museum.

This brand-new issue of MuseNews is full of all the information you need to enjoy the season, including a full calendar of programs both online and here “on campus” lined up to explore the fantastic new exhibitions (Heroines of Abstract Expressionism, FEM and Faces and Places) that we just opened. Catch up with all the fun and plan your winter activities, at home or here at the Museum. We also take a moment at this special time to thank all the volunteers who showed up to work every day and kept the place going in an article about how wonderful it has been to be up and running as a fully operating art museum. This is the first time we have ever published Musenews in a fully digital format. Together with our enhanced online offerings (classes, seminars, activities for the family, virtual tours) and our new e-card being rolled out for members, it marks our arrival in the digital age, much to the consternation of our luddite director (who grumbles at the mere mention of Zoom). We look forward to hearing feedback from you on this effort to save paper and costs at a time when budgets are tight.

There is no skimping on great art and lively activities, as you will see.

Happy reading!


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