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Since we all like history, science & plants: For the 5th-consecutive year, The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) is partnering with leading museums, universities, and environmental organizations around the world** to digitize natural history archives and engage the public in ‘citizen science’. During WeDigBio! 2020, we invite members of the public to help mobilize biodiversity data from preserved herbarium specimens and advance scientific understanding of the plants of our world. Join NYBG for a series of virtual events–including a tour of NYBG’s remarkable scientific collection–and learn how to participate in online projects that support our mission to preserve and protect the planet’s biodiversity.
Cyanotypes, or shadowgraphs, as they were first known is a process that has remained virtually unchanged since its invention in 1842 by the astronomer and scientist Sir John Herschel. Remarkably Herschel invented this process as a way to copy his notes, making ‘blueprints’ as they are still called today.
Why not have a go at making your own cyanotypes with our Sunprint Kits. The autumn and winter sun is perfect for creating these as slightly overcast days or the paler sun often gives better results.
The MUSEUM SHOP is now open by appointment. Or, if you happen to be downtown, call 860-447-2501 to check if we’re open.
New this week: hand beaded bracelets from Kenya. Bracelets spell: TE AMO, PEACE, PRIDE, VOTE, LOVE. Ubuntu creates beautiful products for sale in Kenya and internationally, providing Maasi mothers of children with special needs and others in their community with sustainable employment and health insurance.
Below, Don’t forget our VOTE soap!
Watch a time-lapse video of New London Harbor from the HarborCam, from July 8, 2019 to October 7, 2020 — 14 months — here: https://public.earthcam.net/timelapse/tJ90CoLmq7TzrY396Yd88A4BH10eMdv7STgTGRkmPko!
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AAQ / Resource: Lear + Mahoney Landscape Architecture