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Visit inside New London Harbor Lighthouse.

We give tours year-round!
We meet at the lighthouse, then climb 116 steps to the lantern room — all the while learning about the 262-year history of Harbor Light, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, and the tallest on Long Island Sound. The views at the top are spectacular!
Tours takes 45 minutes. Everyone uses hand sanitizer and we all wear masks. Book a tour for up-to five people or email for a custom tour.
Photo, from Saturday’s tours. Christina Corcoran

We want to show off our love of the light. –Lloyd Beachy

We’re excited about the landscaping going on at the lighthouse, funded in large part by a generous Good to Great grant from the state of Connecticut.
But let’s not leave the lighthouse behind. Let’s Wash It! Every donation helps.
NLMS charter & current trustee Lloyd Beachy is our 1st major sponsor.
The New London Maritime Society actually owns three area lighthouses.
We have been doing the landscaping at NL Harbor Light through the winter and spring.
Our campaign for preserving Race Rock is being planned with the Henry Ferguson Museum on Fishers Island for later this summer. Meanwhile, there’s lots going on out at Ledge Light.
The Ledge Light Foundation already has started working — their first project being to put in a toilet! Wrote LLF president Bruce Buckley: ‘It was low tide when we went out on WED. We figured out how to attach boards to the iron foundation sheathing. This will enable us to install a fendering system this spring.’
If you do not know, the crumbling fender system has been a major obstacle as to why boats (& tours!) have not been able to land at the lighthouse. We are looking forward to an enhanced fender that will allow us to get you out to the lighthouse!!!
Stay tuned.
photo: Ledge Lighthouse, USCG 1954.
Have fun, find gifts, & support the NL Maritime Society.
Below: chocolate buttercrunch sailboats

Have a Sparkling Spring Day!

Both Passover and Easter symbolize hope and new life,
as well as the importance of starting afresh.
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