New London Maritime Society reaches

$6,000 Goal

to Restore & Upgrade the NL HarborCam


NEW LONDON/ April 13, 2022 —
The New London Maritime Society announces that —thanks to 39 donors online, 8 donors by mail, and two individual sponsors of $1,500, each — we have reached the $6,000 goal to Restore & Upgrade the NL HarborCam. The funds were raised in less than two months. It is expected the new remote-controlled camera, which will have a 40x zoom and the ability to pan a full 360 degrees, will be up and running by mid-May.
On February 18, the original New London HarborCam was lost in a windstorm. The camera had been attached to the 189-year-old wooden flagpole atop the Custom House Maritime Museum at 150 Bank Street. The HarborCam was installed in July 2019 — just in time to catch the SailFest fireworks! Since then, NL HarborCam had broadcast a livestream panorama of New London Harbor 24/7. In just 2 1/2 years, over 2.7 million viewers took advantage of the view. When the 40′ flagpole fell off the roof, so did the camera.
“The HarborCam was an enormously popular eye on the harbor,” said NLMS executive director Susan Tamulevich. “We knew people loved it; we could see the numbers. The surprise is how many old friends kept up with us via the camera. When the HarborCam had to be replaced, they came to the rescue.”
Kenneth Mahler made a two gifts of $200 and $1,500 in memory of his brother Daniel J. Mahler III. Daniel Mahler was brought up in RI and sailed Narragansett Bay since he was 11. Living in Seattle since 1965, he was an avid sailor, art lover, and marine architect.  Said Mr. Mahler, ‘He enjoyed very much visiting our area on his many trips east.’
Other donors left comments on the HarborCam Go-Fund-Me page. I like being able to see what is happening on our waterfront 24/7, wrote Kurt Nielsen. As Nat Kennedy put it: It’s a non-redundant vital window into New London Harbor. Alberto Ramirez wrote: The New London Custom House Maritime Museum is a unique place, a friendly environment where a retired oceanographer and active sailor like myself can feel at home. Being able to look at the harbor at any time through the webcam is not only a joy but also allows me to see the local conditions near the marina where I keep my sailboat. And John Swift commented: I enjoy watching the harbor at night .
The $6,000 raised in the campaign will cover the expense of replacing and installing the new camera, and six months of hosting fees. (NLMS still is looking for a sponsor to cover these fees going forward, after November, 2022.) Said Ms Tamulevich, ‘We all miss the camera, and will be so happy to have it back!’
photo top: 2019 SailFest fireworks, as seen on the NL HarborCam, below: New London Harbor, 7/15/2020.
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