3 facts to make you zoom with us on March 28

  • Other then working as secretaries, the first female federal employees were Lighthouse Keepers!
  • According to historian Candace Clifford, 142 women served as principal lighthouse keepers for at least a year. Many more served as temporary keepers for a few months after a spouse or father’s death while a replacement was found. 
  • In the early 1800s, New London’s US Customs Inspector was in charge of all area lighthouses. Thanks to Inspector Ingoldsby W. Crawford, a widow with six children became a keeper! Learn the full story on March 28.
Women lighthouse keepers
with Mary Rasa, a zoom presentation
Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 2 PM
Zoom details posted next week
While we’re at it…Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?! According to the Sierra Club, March 14th, is National Learn About Butterflies Day.
Another butterfly fun fact: Scientists think the monarchs use the position of the sun and the changing weather to know when it’s time for their long journey. It is in early March they begin their migration north from winter homes in Mexico, California, & the Gulf.
photo: Matthew Male. Matthew’s work was on view at the Custom House in 2020.

What’s Up at the Custom House

New London Maritime Society – local friendly authentic
Telling the stories of New London’s waterfront
& preserving four historic maritime sites
New London Maritime Society thanks our Friends & Sponsors 
Anonymous, The Maco Family Fund, DOCKO, the State of Connecticut, CtHumanties, USLHS, Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Chelsea Groton Bank PPP, the City of New London , IMLS, & CDBG.
Visit inside New London HarborLighthouse.
We meet at the lighthouse, then climb 116 steps to the lantern room — all the while learning about the 260-year history of Harbor Light, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country and the tallest on Long Island Sound.
The views at the top are spectacular!
The visit takes around 45 minutes. Everyone uses hand sanitizer and we all wear masks. 
Tours for one Covid pod of up-to four people may be arranged by emailing nlmaritimedirector@gmail.com. Suggested donations are $35 for adults, $30 for NLMS members, & $25 for youth 7-to-18 years old.
Save the date: Sunday, April 18, 3 PM

Connecticut Early Music Society

& New London Maritime Society

Invite you to a virtual benefit
celebrating the 1814 Thos. Butcher square piano
donated to the Custom House Maritime Museum
Details to come.
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Now that you’re NL HarborCam experts…
According to the USCG one can see more lighthouses from the lantern at Harbor Light than from anywhere else on earth!
So how many lighthouses can you see on a clear night – or morning – on the NL HarborCam? Send your list of lighthouses to nlmaritimedirector@gmail.com. There’s a prize!
The photo below is from Saturday morning at 5:01 AM.

Have A Sparkling Day!

150 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320 | 860-447-2501
The Custom House Maritime Museum is closed until further notice | 203-444-2884





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