Lori Lambrecht teaches frame weaving using found objects and natural materials,

Barbara Thomas’s class delves in the use of color in painting,

Eric Dever’s Intensive explores myriad techniques of paint application

Laurie Lambrecht. Photo: Courtesy of the artist; Eric Dever. Photo: Alana Mercurio; Barbara Thomas. Photo: Nico Potoker. 


To heighten the experience of two special exhibitions, the Parrish Art Museum is offering three adult art classes beginning in early October that delve into an exploration of color, and the techniques employed artists Helen Frankenthaler and Laurie Lambrecht. In a special 1-day late morning session, Road Show artist Laurie Lambrecht will teach the basics of Tapestry Weaving on a loom while incorporating yarn and other materials. On three Fridays at 10, beginning October 18, Barbara Thomas will teach Color in Painting, focusing on the various properties of color, as inspired by the exhibition Abstract Climates: Helen Frankenthaler in Provincetown. On the weekend of October 19, artist Eric Dever explores Frankenthaler’s techniques in his Painting Intensive: Abstract Climates that will delve into the many ways of applying the medium.

“Beginners as well as more advanced students are invited to sign up for the classes, which provide the opportunity to explore the properties of color and paint, experience the work of Helen Frankenthaler through her work and hands-on experimentation, and to learn the basics of weaving and extended techniques with fiber artist Laurie Lambrecht,” said Cara Conklin-Wingfield, Parrish Art Museum Director of Education.


Laurie Lambrecht’s Road Show project Limn to Limb (on view October 5–November 3 at The Madoo Conservancy) includes colorful weavings and hand knitted covers for rocks and trees. In her Tapestry Weaving workshop, participants will explore color and texture while learning to work on a frame loom, incorporating natural materials and found objects.

Friday, October 11, from 10am–1pm; $35 for Members and $45 for nonmembers.

Registration Deadline: October 3.  Yarns, looms, and materials are provided.


Barbara Thomas will lead the 4-session Color in Painting workshop, focused on all aspects of color: color theory, color mixing, color effects. Using the works in the galleries as examples, including the work of Frankenthaler who developed the “soak stain” technique, Thomas will break down the way color is achieved and guide students to use color to create their own work.

Fridays, October 18, 25, November 1 and 8 from 10am–12:30pm;

$165 for Members, $220 for nonmembers.

Registration Deadline: October 10. A materials list will be provided upon registration.


Eric Dever’s Painting Intensive: Abstract Climates invites participants to delve into Frankenthaler’s work and experience a range of approaches to painting and paint application including poured paint, imprinting and staining, acrylic glazes, and watercolor washes on canvas and paper.

Saturday, October 19, 2-5pm & Sunday, October 20, 10am-1pm;

$160 Members, $215 for nonmembers.

Registration Deadline: October 12. Materials are included.


To register for any class, visit www.parrishart.org; or call 631-283-2118 x130.


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