In lieu of celebrating at our beloved Midsummer Party, we have reimagined a way to enjoy art together and extend our appreciation for your continued support. The Museum is offering, for the first time, a limited-edition collectible plate designed by an artist in the Parrish collection. SAVE THE PLATE will become an annual tradition with a different artist contributing each year, in tandem with the Midsummer Party in future years.

This year, East End artist and longtime friend of the Parrish, Mary Heilmann, lends her work Waimea to a limited-edition plate:

“This is a memory of Waimea Bay, a great surf spot in Hawaii.  I visited there in 1995 to look at the big waves that curl like the circle of a plate. Living right up the road from the ocean in Bridgehampton, I look at the  waves all the time.  I can even hear them. I am obsessed with the geometry of waves.”   

–Mary Heilmann, 2020

We are counting on your support to continue the tradition of the Midsummer Party and establish a new artistic legacy for the Parrish. We look forward to welcoming you back into our galleries very soon. In the meantime, please consider a gift to the Parrish Art Museum and SAVE THE PLATE

Gifts to the Midsummer Party at the $500 level and above may choose to receive a limited-edition 14″ charger-size plate, which arrives in a presentation box. Your contribution is tax deductible, less $100 for each plate.



Parrish Art Museum, June, 2011



Parrish Art Museum construction photographs © Jeff Heatley.



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