András Szántó, Photo: Patrice Casanova. Corinne Erni, Photo: Philippe Cheng 


Szántó interviewed 28 museum leaders on how they’ve adapted to today’s realities


Cultural strategist András Szántó discusses his new book, The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, with Corinne Erni, Senior Curator of ArtsReach and Special Projects, in a live-stream talk, Friday, February 12, at 5pm. Szántó will provide insights gleaned from his interviews with 28 museum leaders on how museums are adapting to new realities around the world today, and the most promising approaches to those challenges. A link to the program, part of the Museum’s Friday Nights Live! series, and log in information at

“András has created an invaluable snapshot of the current museum conversations and I look forward to exploring with him topics that range from entrepreneurial visions behind new institutions, the examination of art history through new angles and the questioning of the custodians of knowledge, to how Covid and the murder of George Floyd forced museums to engage in new models for radical inclusivity and to be of service in the community,” said Erni.

As museums worldwide shuttered in 2020 due to the coronavirus, Szántó conducted a series of interviews with an international group of museum leaders. The dialogues offer glimpses of how museums around the globe are undergoing an accelerated phase of reappraisal and reinvention. At this moment in time, when economic, political, and cultural shifts are signaling the start of a new era, the directors speak candidly about the historical limitations and untapped potential of art museums. Each conversation in The Future of the Museum explores a specific topic of relevance to art institutions now and in the future. What emerges from the conversations is a composite portrait of a generation of museum leaders working to make institutions more open, democratic, inclusive, experimental and experiential, technologically savvy, culturally polyphonic, attuned to the needs of their visitors and communities, and concerned with addressing the defining issues of the societies around them.


András Szántó

András Szántó, Ph.D. advises museums, foundations, educational institutions, and leading brands on cultural strategy. His writings on the art world and art market have appeared in The New York Times, Artforum, The Art Newspaper, and many international publications. He has directed the National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University and has overseen the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is based in New York and Brookhaven Hamlet, Long Island.


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