Participating artists include: Helen Bass, Harvey Bernstein, Scott Bluedorn, Kiki Boucher and Robin Drake, Rob Calvert, Caroline Cassa, Michael Cinque, Terry Elkins, Jeanne Fallot, Kym Fulmer, Melinda Hackett, Brian Kennedy, Veronica Mezzina, Jeanelle Myers, Charles Northshield, Lesley Obrock, Cindy Pease Roe, Marcia Previti, John D. Rose and John Koronkiewicz, Lisa Rose, Jay Schneiderman, Barbara Stype, NancyLynn Thiele, Barbara Thomas, Peter Treiber Jr., Patrick Walden, and Cynthia Wells.

This exhibit and auction includes over two dozen

unique birdhouses created by talented local artists.

You’re sure to find a birdhouse to bring home to your nest!


Closing Reception and Final Bidding:

Saturday, August 17 from 4 pm to 6 pm


Bridge Gardens
36 Mitchell Lane, Bridgehampton



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