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A painting of Carmen by Aliza Nisenbaum. Carmen is posing against a cream and red backdrop. She has blond hair and is wearing a beaded necklace and earrings in the shape of purple flowers. She is wearing a white dress with colorful floral patterns around the collar.
Aliza Nisenbaum, Carmen’s Profile, 2022. Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 1/16 inches (61.0 x 61.1 cm) © Aliza Nisenbaum. Photo courtesy the Artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York. Photographer: Thomas Barratt. 
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An animated gif featuring a photo by Tracey Rose and a painting by Aliza Nisenbaum. The first image is of a woman is standing in the middle of a deserted dirt road covered in pink body paint and wearing black makeup around her eyes and mouth. She playing an electric guitar, topless. She is wearing a plastic tiara, a short blond wig, black gloves, a skinny green belt, leopard print underwear, and black fishnets. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open, as though she is in the middle of singing. The second image is a vibrant and colorful painting by Aliza Nisenbaum featuring Veronica and her daughter Maritza sitting on a couch in their Queens living room. Around the couch is a stack of notebooks, a stool with a poinsettia plants, a portable speaker, a bicycle, and a sheet music holder. Veronica is wearing a yellow dress and turquoise cowboy boots. Maritza, who is resting under her mother's arm, is wearing a tank and cross-body purse with nature-inspired motifs, blue jeans, and gray socks.
Join us for an opening celebration of our Spring 2023 exhibitions: Tracey Rose: Shooting Down Babylon and Aliza Nisenbaum: Queens, Lindo y Querido. The afternoon will include exhibition walkthroughs with the artists; a reception featuring live music from DJ Rekha, drinks and food from the new Unisphere Cafe by the August Tree, and drop-in family art making.


Vengan a celebrar con nosotros la inauguración de nuestras exposiciones de primavera de 2023: Tracey Rose: Derribando Babylon y Aliza Nisenbaum: Queens, Lindo y Querido. La velada incluirá visitas de las exposiciones con las artistas, una recepción con música en directo de DJ Rekha, bebidas y comida del nuevo Unisphere Cafe de August Tree y talleres de arte para toda la familia.

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A photographic work by Tracey Rose. The black and white image features a brown-skinned man and a light-skinned woman embracing, naked, while sitting on a white pedestal. Posing against a white wall, smiling, their noses are touching. They seem to be on the verge of kissing.
Taking place on the opening weekend of Tracey Rose: Shooting Down Babylon, this conversation will explore Rose’s decades-long career with Christian Haye, a writer, poet and critic who represented Rose as her first US gallerist at The Project, and Tumelo Mosaka, a Johannesburg born New York City based independent curator.


Esta conversación, organizada el fin de semana de la inauguración de Tracey Rose: Derribando Babylon, explorará la trayectoria de varias décadas de Rose con Christian Haye, escritor, poeta y crítico que trabajó como representante de Rose y fue su primer galerista en The Project, y Tumelo Mosaka, comisario independiente residente en la Ciudad de Nueva York y nacido en Johannesburgo.

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A wide-shot photograph of two individuals painting a white, spiral motif on the ground of a parking lot. A highway and industrial buildings are visible in the background.
Organized by Guardians of Flushing Bay together with artist and educator Julia Norton, this second event in a series of artist-led workshops will visualize the possibility of daylighting Flushing Creek. Led by artist and organizer gil lopez, participants will explore the Flushing Creek’s free flowing memory through attunement and group divination. Tapping into our own memories, through storytelling and meditative moments, we will unearth novel ways of being in kinship with this historic waterbody.


Organizado por Guardians of Flushing Bay junto con la artista y docente Julia Norton, este segundo evento analizará la posibilidad de iluminar Flushing Creek en una serie de talleres organizados por artistas. Guiadxs por el artista y organizador gil lopez, lxs participantes explorarán la memoria libre y fluida de Flushing Creek a través de la armonización y la adivinación en grupo. Desenterraremos nuevas formas de entablar una relación con este entorno natural aprovechando nuestros propios recuerdos y a través de la narración y de momentos de meditación.

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An animated gif with text that reads Queens Museum Gala, May 11, 2023, 6:30pm to 12 am, Honoring Sable Elyse Smith and Angelo Baque
The Queens Museum’s Annual Gala is less than one month away! Help us celebrate two incredible individuals who have made a significant impact in our communities and the fields of art and culture: Sable Elyse Smith and Angelo Baque. We’ll start the night with cocktails and delicious Queens-inspired bites selected by Jaeki Cho of Righteous Eats, followed by a dinner and special performance by Nick Hakim, and end with an after-party overlooking the Unisphere. Get ready for an unforgettable night!


¡Queda menos de un mes para la Gala Anual del Queens Museum! Ayúdenos a rendir homenaje a dos personas increíbles que han tenido un gran impacto en nuestras comunidades, en el arte y en la cultura: Sable Elyse Smith y Angelo Baque. Comenzaremos la velada con cocktails y deliciosos aperitivos inspirados en Queens seleccionados por Jaeki Cho, de Righteous Eats. A continuación disfrutaremos de la cena y de una actuación especial de Nick Hakim, y terminaremos la fiesta con vistas al Unisphere. ¡Prepárense para una noche inolvidable!

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Tracey Rose: Shooting Down Babylon is made possible in part by support from the A4 Arts Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Additional support is provided by Crystal Window & Door Systems, Crystal Park, and the Queens Museum Exhibitions Circle.Aliza Nisenbaum: Queens, Lindo y Querido is made possible in part by lead support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support is provided by the Ford Foundation, Anton Kern Gallery, Valeria Napoleone, the Consulate General of Mexico in New York, the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, and the Queens Museum Exhibitions Circle.

The Field Station at the Queens Museum program is presented with generous support from Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Con Edison, in partnership with the Guardians of Flushing Bay.

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Major funding is generously provided by the Booth Ferris Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Ford Foundation, Jerome Foundation, Mellon Foundation, the MacMillan Family Foundation, the Lambent Foundation, E.A. Michelson Philanthropy and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Images: 1) Image: Tracey Rose, San Pedro V ‘The Hope I hope’ The Wall, 2005. Giclée print, 84.91 x 63.46 cm. Courtesy the artist. 2) Aliza Nisenbaum, Pedacito de Sol (Vero y Marissa), 2022. Oil on canvas, 75 x 95 inches (190.5 x 241.3 cm) © Aliza Nisenbaum. Photo courtesy the Artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York. Photographer: Thomas Barratt. 3) Tracey Rose, The Kiss, 2001. Black & white Lamba print. 124.5 x 127cm. Courtesy of the artist. 4) Photo: Guardians of Flushing Bay. 



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