Saving Sea Turtles from Cold Stunning

with New York Marine Rescue Center  

Saturday, November 11th,

2:00 PM — 3:00 PM

The New York Marine Rescue Center (NYMRC) is offering free cold stun sea turtle lectures in the nature center to recruit volunteers willing to patrol New York’s beaches in search of sea turtles in distress. Cold-stunning is a condition similar to hypothermia that is brought on when these cold-blooded sea turtles are in water temperatures below 50ºF. This condition, if left unnoticed, can become fatal. This is why the New York Marine Rescue Center needs your help! The sooner these animals are found and reported to the NYMRC, the higher their chance for survival!

A free program for adults and teens; pre-registration is required.

Check out the New York Marine Rescue Center’s website — NYMarineRescue.org — for more information.

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