The Sag Harbor Partnership is pleased to announce

the eighth annual Community Service Award,

this year honoring longtime resident Eric Fischl.


Each year this award recognizes outstanding service to Sag Harbor and its community. There are many helping hands in our village that together make Sag Harbor the vibrant, involved, and caring community it is today. Our Community Service Award is a
grateful recognition of that collaborative work.

Eric Fischl, an internationally acclaimed artist, has been a visionary leader in support of Sag Harbor in its continuous evolution as a major artistic and creative hub on the East End of Long Island. He understood that Sag Harbor has a long history in recreating itself from whaling days to an industrial village to a home for artists and writers. He envisioned even greater potential for the village to expand and anchor its connection to the arts.

Eric’s many endeavors and achievements have enhanced the lives of Sag Harbor residents and visitors alike by saving, financially supporting, and creating vibrant cultural venues. We also recognize that his good works positively contribute to Sag Harbor’s economic vitality.

Without Eric’s early commitment to the restoration of the Sag Harbor Cinema, that fundraising effort would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible. His financial support of Steinbeck House helped preserve an important piece of the village’s literary history, while also providing a space for future authors to create, think and write.

Perhaps most importantly, Eric and his wife April Gornik shared an exciting vision for the beautiful but empty and unused 1835 Methodist Church on Madison Street Sag Harbor. In 2017, Eric and April purchased the Methodist Church, renamed it The Church and a great transformation of this magnificent historic building ensued. Now, with robust year-round programming, The Church brings dynamic, innovative thinkers and artistic creators, welcoming them to our village, to become an integral part of our cultural life.


Sag Harbor Partnership

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