Protect Our Firefighters and Our Harbor

Let’s Rock the Boat and raise funds for a new Fireboat & Equipment!


SAG HARBOR – August 22, 2022: The Sag Harbor Partnership will ROCK THE BOAT at a community party in support of and in coordination with our local Sag Harbor Fire Department (SHFD) on September 18th from 4:30-6:30pm at the SHFD Headquarters on 1357 Brick Kiln Road. Tickets are $30 each ($15 for children 10 and under).

“It’s time to celebrate our volunteers and upgrade our internal Village services that protect residents and visitors who are drawn to Sag Harbor for its historic charm, beautiful water access, and boating,” said Susan Mead, Co-President of Sag Harbor Partnership.

All are invited to ROCK THE BOAT and enjoy BBQ, raffle, face painting for the kids, dancing to the HooDoo Loungers, and more!

We in the Sag Harbor community are determined to help our Sag Harbor Fire Department (SHFD) be safe while keeping us safe!



  • ✓  SHFD’s current equipment does not meet the National Fire Protection Association’s minimum standards or requirements.
  • ✓  Sag Harbor remains largely unprotected from marine-based fires.
  • ✓  The all-volunteer SHFD lacks the minimum standard equipment to adequately protect lives, property, and our coastline from emergency events covering over 30 miles of coastline, from Jessup Neck to Barcelona Point.

The SHFD lacks the minimum standard equipment to adequately protect lives, property, and our coastline from emergency events. This lack of equipment endangers our firefighters.

Sag Harbor is eastern Long Island’s primary boating and yachting center and yet it remains largely unprotected from marine-based fires. With the dramatic increase in the number and size of vessels in recent years, along with seaplanes and helicopters, it now serves a thousand-plus vessels up to 225 feet in length carrying thousands of gallons of fuel, as well as mega-yachts of 300 plus feet each that carry upwards of 70,000 gallons of fuel.

Due to a critical lack of badly needed equipment, the SHFD’s only vessel offers no personal protection to firefighters from the heat or smoke of burning chemicals. In addition, the department lacks adequate pumps to extinguish fires from a safe distance or foam capabilities to extinguish fuel burning on the water’s surface. Significant environmental damage to our waters and beaches could be limited with the ability to successfully extinguish boat fires.

The time has come for us to give our volunteer SHFD some real help by fundraising for equipment, and the boat, that will save lives, property, our beautiful coastline, and our firefighters. A new fire boat, with the necessary equipment, costs approximately $650,000. Our goal is to raise these funds in order to keep our firefighters safe.

The fundraiser will encourage tax deductible donations on all levels, which can be made at www.sagharborpartnership.org, a local Sag Harbor 501c3.

Leadership Sponsorships will be recognized at the party, listed on a Fire Department building plaque, and in the press.


Sag Harbor Partnership:

Sag Harbor Partnership works with community organizations and Sag Harbor Village government on projects that both preserve and enhance the character of this vibrant place. A list of recent projects include: support for Steinbeck Park, Sag Harbor Water Quality Initiative, Buying and rebuilding the Sag Harbor Cinema, Helping Mashashimuet Park’s New Playground, SANS Preservation, New Bike Rack for Main St, the Mask Project, and Historical Walking Tours of Sag Harbor. https://www.sagharborpartnership.org/

In 2012, a group of volunteers banded together to create the Sag Harbor Partnership.

These volunteers represent a cross section of Sag Harbor’s communities—from

Noyack to SANS—and share a love for the village and a desire to ensure its future sustainability and prosperity.


Sag Harbor Volunteer Fire Department:

The Sag Harbor Fire Department is one of the oldest chartered fired departments in New York State. Members who serve consider it a civic duty and an honorable distinction to belong to the fire company. For almost 220 years, the volunteers of the Sag Harbor Fire Department have compiled a fine record of loyalty, sacrifice, dedication, and endurance. Members of the department continue this tradition of exemplary service to their community with countless hours of their time and efforts, and we offer our hearty congratulations. https://www.sagharborfd.org/


Firestorm 32 Fireboat: http://www.metalcraftmarine.com/html/firestorm_32.html 




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