Before Restoration.                                                                                                                                                 

After Restoration.


We have been so lucky to be a part of the NYU Regional Media Legacies, made possible with support from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. RML Fellows Robert Annen and Claire Fox have been working with a collection of 16 mm and 8 mm films dating from 1925 to 1964 from the Shelter Island Historical Society’s Archives.

Their work has preserved the films from mold damage and, for the first time, allowed us to see what is on the film!

Some of the subjects include, the aftermath of the 1938 hurricane, Beach Club footage at the Prospect Hotel from the 1930s, home videos of Shelter Island Families, 1964 groundbreaking at the Shelter Island Library, and more.

We are so grateful for their contribution to the preservation of our Island’s history.

Now is where you come in!

There are some people in the videos that we haven’t been able to identify.

Please click on the button below to view the still images.

If you recognize any of these folks please email Archivist Rachel Lucas

at archivist@shelterislandhistorical.org. Thank you!


For more information on this project, please visit:




Shelter Island Historical Society

PO BOX 847
Shelter Island, NY 11964


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