Helena Hernmarck: Shadow and Light


Folded Paper Once, 1988. Wool, linen, cotton. 51.5 in. x 59 in.. Folded Paper Twice, 1988. Wool, linen, cotton. 51.5 in. x 58.5 in.


“These tapestries were made in 1988 for a small gallery in Stockholm. They are, ironically, the bill from my accountant that, folded and copied in the copy machine, intrigued me in their composition. The first tapestry illustrates the folds that the bill already had when it came out of the envelope. I liked this so much that I folded the bill again to make the second tapestry, where I wove even more folds and shadows. That’s why Folded Paper Once came before Folded Paper Twice. As I had done one, I got the idea to do the other.”  ~Helena Hernmarck

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Photo by Michael Moran. 


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