Helena Hernmarck: Shadow and Light

Jack’s Cube, 1992. Wool, linen, cotton. 17.25 in. x 16.5 in.. Collection of Jack Lenor Larsen of LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, NY


“This piece is very small, and it was made for textile designer, writer, and curator Jack Lenor Larsen’s 65th birthday. Artists whose work he collected had been asked to create a cube in Jack’s honor of 8 x 8 inches. Since my work is an illusion of depth, I took a letter he had written to me and I folded the letter into a cube where his name appears on the top and my initials can be seen on the side. In this way I created a tapestry of an 8 x 8 cube, but it was an illusion.”  ~Helena Hernmarck

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Photo by Michael Moran. 



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