Dear Friends,

In this time of trouble and fear we must not relinquish hope. All hard times come to an end, they have before and they will again–the important thing is to travel this journey together. With that in mind, we have a request: tell us about your experience. We’re living through a notable period in history and as a historical society we have the duty and the joy of recording history as it happens; not only looking back on history, but providing for future historians. So, if you would like to be a resource for future historians send us your story and thoughts about social distancing or quarantine, some photos, a poem you wrote, a recipe you’ve been using, or anything that tells the truth of this moment in time that we can keep and catalog for the Shelter Islanders of 2030, 2080, 2120…Please reply to this email to contact our Archival Department at collections@shelterislandhistorical.org.

When posting photos on Facebook or Instagram, please use the following hashtags so we can find your submissions: #shelterislandhistoricalsociety #capturingthecovid19crisis #shelteredonshelterisland #historyinthemaking #shelterislandarchives

We look forward to receiving your submissions to preserve our Island history. Thank you!

Happy brothers take a front yard wagon ride.


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House on the Bluff

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