Have you missed any of our virtual programs this year? No problem! Just visit our YouTube Channel to find recent Zoom panels, gallery tours, artist interviews, and more. Click on the images below for some of our featured virtual offerings, including last night’s incredible 2020 Vision panel discussion, “Documenting Crises in Real Time”.


11/12 2020 Vision Zoom Panel:
“Documenting Crises in Real Time”. Moderated by Clifford Owens with Steve Mumford, Paine the Poet, and Pamela Sztybel.


10/15 2020 Vision Zoom Panel:
Moderated by Bernard Lumpkin with Tawny Chatmon, Taha Clayton, and Justin Wadlington.


8/13 2020 Vision Zoom Panel:
Moderated by David Kratz and Stephanie Roach with Eric Fischl, Lujan Perez, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, and Chris Wilson.


2020 Vision Gallery Tour with David Kratz, President of the New York Academy of Art and Stephanie Roach, Director of the Flag Art Foundation.


10/6 Drawdown East End “Kiss the Ground” Zoom Panel:
Moderated by Mary Morgan, Dorothy Reilly and Krae Van Sickle, with Edwina von Gal, Chris Gobler, Deborah Aller, Mimi Edelman, and Laurie and Bill Benenson.


6/5 “Ripple Effect: Small Actions Impacting Larger Scale Change” Zoom Panel:
Moderated by Susan Rockefeller with Carl Safina, “Barley” John  Dunne, and Nicole Delma.








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