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Updated Evidence of the Paranormal
Have you joined us on any of our previous ghost hunts? October is the best time for your first! And we just updated our evidence gallery, check it out.

Long Island Dirt: Recovering Our Buried Past

Thursday, October 14th, 11am
Join Dr. Allison McGovern as she reveals archaeological findings on Long Island’s development of urban centers along the eastern seaboard as well as New York City’s metropolitan core. Dr. McGovern will explore the “forgotten and silenced” past of Native American villages, slave and free Black communities, working-class neighborhoods, and planned communities that existed alongside the well-known estates, farms, and suburbs and how these various communities crafted their own identity and culture. Co-Sponsored with the Amagansett Free Library.
North Sea Burying Ground Walk with Julie Greene
Sunday, October 17th, 11am
Ghost Hunting at the Rogers Mansion & Halsey House
Saturday, October 23rd & 30th, 8:45-11pm
Saturday, November 20th, 7:30-9:45ppm
Saturday, December 18th, 7:30-9:45pm
Haunted Village
Saturday, October 23rd & 3oth
Southampton’s 20th Century Influencers:
Jane Wilson, Artist of the Ethereal
Thursday, November 18th, 11am
History Matters:
The Lure of Amber in a Land on the Edge of the Sea
Thursday, December 2nd, 11am 
Rogers Mansion Museum Complex
17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton
Complex of 12 historic structures on land settled in 1645 by William Rogers, including the Rogers Mansion built 1843.
Halsey House
249 South Main Street, Southampton
Built c. 1683, the oldest English style wood-frame house in New York State.
Pelletreau Silver Shop
80 Main Street, Southampton
Former business of Patriot and famed silversmith Elias Pelletreau. It is the longest continually running trade shop in the Americas.
Conscience Point
1640 Conscience Point Rd, Southampton
Nature preserve and supposed landing spot for European settlers in Southampton.
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