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In The Alcazar by Grosvenor Atterbury (Watercolor 1892)
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Carriage House Thrift Shop
Join us at our newly restored Nugent Carriage House, home to our Carriage House Thrift Shop!
Wednesday, July 8, 11am
Scattergories & Coffee
Whether you’re an expert or brand new to the game, join us on Zoom for a fun way to jump start your day!
Thursday, July 9, 11am
1950 – 1959: A Decade of Change with Jackie Scerbinski
Christian Dior’s “new look” symbolized a shift in American clothing, home décor and lifestyle and reflected the new prosperity enjoyed by many in the post-war decades in America.
Thursday, July 16, 5:30pm
An Author Visit via Zoom with Donovan Moore, Author of What Stars Are Made Of:
The Life of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
Learn about Cecilia Payne-Gaposchki and her quest for scientific discovery – the determination of the composition of stars.
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High Style in the Gilded Age: Louisa Robb Livingston
“High Style in the Gilded Age:
Louisa Robb Livingston”
If you missed our last virtual lecture by Research Center Manager, Mary Cummings, you can watch it here!
Make sure to check out our YouTube channel to watch some of our previous programming that was recorded.
Wednesday, August 5, 11am
Scattergories & Coffee
Whether you’re an expert or brand new to the game, join us on Zoom for a fun way to jump start your day!
These are just a few of our new Southampton history initiatives, now archived at southamptonhistory.org to view at any time!
We continue to maintain our 14 historic buildings on 4 separate properties to ensure our shared history is preserved:
Rogers Mansion Museum Complex
17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton
Complex of 12 historic structures on land settled in 1645 by William Rogers, including the Rogers Mansion built 1843.
Halsey House
249 South Main Street, Southampton
Built c. 1683, the oldest English style wood-frame house in New York State.
Pelletreau Silver Shop
80 Main Street, Southampton
Former business of Patriot and famed silversmith Elias Pelletreau. It is the longest continually running trade shop in the Americas.
Conscience Point
1640 Conscience Point Rd, Southampton
Nature preserve and supposed landing spot for European settlers in Southampton.
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