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Ma’s House

Read about the significance of Ma’s House and their upcoming opening reception & exhibition, if you missed it last week!


Southampton’s 20th Century Influencers:

Jane Wilson, Artist of the Ethereal

Thursday, November 18th, 11am
Jane Wilson, an artist best known for the ethereal landscapes of her later career, was part of the midcentury ferment that put New York City—and to some extent eastern Long Island–at the artistic avant-garde. Coming of age just as Abstract Expressionism was about to secure a lock on the art world, she forged her own path. An active member of the group of artists and writers, who were breaking new ground, she experimented with abstraction but remained strongly attracted to landscape. Her big skies are abstractly rendered, yet draw viewers in by their nearly palpable atmospheric moods.
Ghost Hunting at the
Rogers Mansion & Halsey House
Saturday, November 20th, 7:30-9:45ppm
Saturday, December 18th, 7:30-9:45pm
Carriage House Holiday Shop
& Designer Tree Auction
Friday, November 26th, 11am-4pm
Saturday, November 27th, 11am-4pm
Friday, Decmber 3rd, 11am-4pm
Saturday, December 4th, 11am-4pm
History Matters: The Lure of Amber in a
Land on the Edge of the Sea
Thursday, December 2nd, 11am
Indigenous Food Sovereignty
with Chenae Bullock
Thursday, December 9th, 11am
Southampton’s 20th Century Influencers:
The Manassa Mauler Jack Dempsey
Thursday, December 16th, 11am
Sign Up for Jewelry Making Classes with
Artist in Residence, Alyssa Saccente
Available year round by appointment
Learn how to make your own custom sterling silver jewelry in a dynamic and historical space to give you a priceless learning experience you won’t forget. Work with our Artist in Residence Alyssa Saccente to develop your skills in metalsmithing, and maybe even develop a lifelong passion along the way! The courses are packaged into 1, 2, 3, or 4 2-hour sessions that can be booked as one-on-one with the artist, or as a partner session. The workshops increase in skill and difficulty as you gain hand and eye skills in design, material, technique, and craftsmanship. By the end of the sessions, the student will have a finished piece of wearable sterling silver jewelry to take home with them as a memento of their experience. Have you ever been curious about what goes into making your favorite pieces of jewelry? Well, now is your chance to flex your creative muscles and dive into the world of jewelry design and creation!
Rogers Mansion Museum Complex
17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton
Complex of 12 historic structures on land settled in 1645 by William Rogers, including the Rogers Mansion built 1843.
Halsey House
249 South Main Street, Southampton
Built c. 1683, the oldest English style wood-frame house in New York State.
Pelletreau Silver Shop
80 Main Street, Southampton
Former business of Patriot and famed silversmith Elias Pelletreau. It is the longest continually running trade shop in the Americas.
Conscience Point
1640 Conscience Point Rd, Southampton
Nature preserve and supposed landing spot for European settlers in Southampton.
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