In 1899, the last private owner of the Rogers Mansion, Samuel L. Parrish founded what we know today as the Parrish Art Museum. As a way to integrate his new museum into the lives of everyone in Southampton Village and begin his mission of developing a more artistic culture in the Hamptons, he created a contest. Participants were to answer the question, “What is Charm?” with a poem.
This year we will be reviving this contest as a way to showcase the artistic history of Southampton, but we will be expanding this contest to not just Village residents, but any and all school children! We will also be opening up from just a poetry contest, to any kind of artistic expression a student wishes to pursue while answering the same question.
How to participate?
All information about how to submit your art work and to register as a participant please go to our website by clicking the button below!
There you will find a link to fill out our registration form. We welcome all students, parents of students, or teachers to sign their entire classes up.
Southampton History Museum  |  17 Meeting House Lane, SH
(631) 283-2494 | southamptonhistory.org



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