Southold Historical Museum Impressionist Paintings

on Loan for Important Nassau County Museum of Art Exhibit


Photo caption: Deanna Witte-Walker, executive director at Southold Historical Museum, alongside Henry Prellwitz’s (1865-1940) Old Mill at Peconic, which is included in Nassau County Museum of Art’s Impressionism exhibit.


Southold Historical Museum is loaning several important works of art from its collection to Nassau County Museum of Art for an upcoming exhibit titled: “Impressionism: A World View.”


The exhibit runs March 19 through July 10, 2022 and includes works

from all over the world,

including from right here in our own backyard.


“The Impressionist exhibit at Nassau County Museum of Art gives us the opportunity to share the works of important artists who lived and worked on the North Fork of Long Island with a broader audience,” said Deanna Witte-Walker, executive director at Southold Historical Museum. “We’re thrilled to have Southold artists included in this highly anticipated exhibit.”


Impressionism is considered one of the most popular styles of art of all time. Started in the spring of 1874 in Paris by a bold band of artists headed by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne and others, the movement challenged contemporary views of what art should be. As opposed to ‘Realism’s’ strict and literal depiction of a scene, the Impressionist artists innovated with light, mood and interpretation in a way that would evolve and branch off in different directions, leading to current day modern art.

The Impressionist movement spread from Paris to England, Italy, Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. On the North Fork of Long Island, Henry and Edith Prellwitz had side-by-side studios overlooking Peconic Bay in Southold and in the nearby Hamptons, artist William Merritt Chase opened the Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art, where he taught until 1902.

Some of the works of art from the Southold Historical Museum collection include Lemuel Wiles’s Montauk Point, Thomas Currie-Bell’s Seagulls Feeding, Edith Prellwitz’s Portrait of Helena Jefferson Meredith, Julia Wickham’s The Scallop Fleet as well as six other fine works. The talent of these North Fork artists will be on view in conjunction with some of the most renowned artists of the world.

The Impressionism exhibit at Nassau County Museum of Art combines important pieces from the French originators of the movement, along with their Asian, European, and American counterparts. It also transcends time periods, including rare paintings by the English painter J.M.W. Turner, who influenced the French Impressionists and highlighting the well-known masters of the movement such as Renoir, Degas, Cézanne, and others. The show brings in important global adherents to the movement; and culminates with works by contemporary “Neo-Impressionists.”


For more information on this event or any other museum programs,

please call (631) 765-5500 or email info@southoldhistorical.org.



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