People love souvenirs and stores love to sell them to visitors! We are not too sure of how popular this item might have been used as a souvenir in 1900. But, this very pretty glass bathtub has printed along its side, “Souvenir of Southold, LI NY”. It may have been used as a holder for items like toothpicks or matches.
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We are pleased to announce our online Art Exhibit and Sale, “Ten Squared: Our Local Natural World”. Inspired by the beautiful North Fork as a backdrop, this collection of works represent the natural world we hold so dear. Please visit our website to preview available artwork. The exhibit and sale are set to begin on July 1 and run through July 31, 2020.




Though we cannot see you in person, we still are able to share Southold’s rich history. We invite you to discover our new and improved website which has pages of information on historic buildings, notable people who spent time in Southold, special places like Pinecrest Dunes Camp and much more. The newest feature of our website are our Virtual Exhibits. Check them out here:


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An Online Art Exhibit and Sale will be offered on the Society’s website,
July 1 – July 31, 2020.




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