From Archie to Zany:

65 Years of Comic Book Art by Stan Goldberg


Exhibit Presented in Our Weathervane Gallery

by the Jewish Historical Society of  Long Island. Curated by Brad Kolodny. 


Comic book artist Stan Goldberg is responsible for bringing some of the most recognizable fictional characters to life during a career that spanned nearly seven decades. This exhibit showcases Goldberg’s work beginning as a colorist in the 1940s, moving on to his Marvel work in helping to create such iconic superheroes as The Hulk and Spiderman in the early 1960s, and continuing for another 40 years drawing Archie and his pals Jughead, Veronica, and Betty at Riverdale High. While comic books were created to appeal to an audience of teenagers and pre-teens, this retrospective look at Stan Goldberg’s body of work presents us with a slice of American pop culture to be enjoyed by all ages.

About the Curator:  Brad Kolodny has worked in the advertising business for over 25 years and is passionate about history, photography, and Judaism. The confluence of these three interest areas have come together for Brad in his two books: Seeking Sanctuary: 125 Years of Synagogues on Long Island (2019) and The Jews of Long Island 1705-1918 (2022). Brad serves as president of the Jewish Historical Society of Long Island and enjoys bringing forward the stories of noteworthy Jewish Long Islanders, including Stan Goldberg.  


Exhibit will run in our Weathervane Gallery thru May 20, 2023.

Gallery Hours: Weds. to Sat., 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. 

More Info.: 631-727-2881 x100


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