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— Week of January 10th, 2022 —


“Our History, Our Heritage, Our People”


NINE MEN ON AN ICEBERG, Patchogue, 1907

Nine Men on an Iceberg, Patchogue, 1907. (Image from the Patchogue Postcard Collection of the Suffolk County Historical Society Library Archives.)

Could this week’s bitter cold and snowy winter weather get any worse? The winter of 1907 was probably harsher. In that year, a very large 28-foot-high iceberg broke off the shore of Patchogue and drifted into Great South Bay. This photo from our postcard collection is dated March 21, 1907. The Great South Bay used to freeze over solid almost every winter. Strong winds would push the ice from the bay against the shore and form icebergs like the one shown here.


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