Elon Musk Tweets Support

‘High Time to

Build A Really Big Coil’


Friends, your tweet can spark support for TSCW

to build a Tesla Coil, too!




Tweet and Retweet!

Let’s answer Elon Musk’s tweet to build a really big Teslacoil

and seize the moment by tweeting and retweetingTwitter_neon.png:





Other Ways to Help

Questions? Call 631.886.2632 or email us at info@teslasciencecenter.org


Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) is a New York State 501c3 nonprofit

with a mission to develop the site of Nikola Tesla’s last remaining laboratory

into a transformative global science center that embraces his bold spirit

of invention, provides innovative learning experiences, fosters the advancement

of new technologies, and

preserves his legacy in the Tesla Museum.

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