April 15th, 2022

6:00 PM $10


Lisa Field, The Variety Store, Sag Harbor


Sag Harbor, NY — The Church is pleased to announce this month’s Knowledge Friday with Sag Harbor legend Lisa Field — owner and protector of the beloved Sag Harbor Variety Store and up until recently, the president of the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who has spent time in Sag Harbor as a child holds memories of the Variety Store, more affectionately known as the Five and Dime. Whether it’s grabbing a $2 ice cream from the cooler, picking out the latest Barbie or begging your parents for 25 cents to ride the horse out front — the Variety Store provides it all and more. Throughout the years and as the East End evolves, we’ve sadly seen many businesses disappear, but it’s businesses like the Variety Store with its signature yellow and red striped awning, that helps conserve Sag Harbor’s unique small-town charm. Lisa will speak to us about place and community, and how the Variety Store has for years been in spirit and fact one of the principal anchors of our village. 

April Gornik, who will be speaking with Field, said “We are so grateful to have Lisa come to talk about her family, her store, and her devotion to our Village. She and her family business are a living example of the resilience of Sag Harbor through boom and bust periods. The Variety Store is one of the treasures of the East End, and living proof that a community with devoted leaders like her can define a place in the best possible way.”


In 2020, The Variety Store celebrated its 50th anniversary, however the store itself has been operating as a five and dime since 1922, marking 2022 as the celebratory year of the store’s centennial! In 1970 the store was purchased on a whim by Lisa’s parents Phil and Roseann Bucking from previous owner E.L. Hanson. The couple had dreams of owning a business and although the merchandise they offer has evolved with the changing times — the two were keen on preserving the five and dime charm. With the rise of online retail conglomerates like Amazon, the Variety Store continues to prioritize the original concept — to offer a wide variety at attractive prices. Luckily, the store continues to run a steady business, in large part due to the friendliness of the staff and the convenience of having merchandise that ranges from shoelaces to art supplies to sewing materials, to cleaning supplies, and, of course, children’s toys. 

Since the passing of Phil in September 2008, the store is still owned by Roseann and Lisa, who have continued to carry on the traditions first implemented in the 70s — Lisa has quoted her father who used to say, “It’s not work. It’s just what we do.” Sag Harbor would not be the same without The Variety Store.


Housed in a deconsecrated 19th century Methodist church, The Church is an artist residency, exhibition space, and creativity center. It is a place where local and national artists and creatives of all stripes work, meet and inspire each other. Artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik bought the building as a shell three years ago and have led its redesign with Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership. The modern interior complements its historic frame and is emblematic of the contemporary program of events that animate the structure. The Church will increase access to the arts for our diverse audiences, foster creativity on the East End, and honor Sag Harbor’s long tradition as a maker’s village. 

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Photo by April Gornik


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