L-R: Nicole Delma (Photo by Mikey DeTemple), Beth Josephs

(Photo by un serveur at Cafe de Flore, Bd Saint-Germain, Paris)


SEPTEMBER 16TH 2022 | 6 PM



Join us at The Church as we welcome local makers Nicole Delma and Beth Josephs for this month’s Knowledge Friday lecture. With backgrounds in textile creation and design, Delma and Josephs are keen to the many techniques and styles associated with the craft. From the production of local wool with the Long Island Yarn project, to dying of yarn with local vegetation, they oversee the entire process from fiber to finished piece. The Church’s Co-Founder, April Gornik, will join Nicole and Beth posing questions about their experience as local crafters and makers.

Founder of MindOffline, Delma has made it a point to bring creativity and craft back into everyday life. Offering a wide selection of locally sourced handcrafted goods, as well as hosting workshops, MindOffline has become a creative outlet for all. 

Active in fiber crafts including dyeing and knitting, Josephs organizes a knitting circle which we have had the pleasure of hosting at The Church. Meeting twice a week on the mezzanine under the Ernesto Neto sculpture, Josephs and the knitting circle have become an icon within the exhibition.  

Their work and dedication to craft and creativity carry on and honor the legacy of Sag Harbor as a maker’s village. 



Nicole Delma is the founder of Local Wool Company, a knitwear line that supports local fiber farmers by producing its pieces with wool that is grown, milled, and knit within 300 miles of where it is sold.  Based in Sag Harbor, Local Wool Co. works with Cotswold Wool from the North Fork’s Browder’s Birds and superfine Merino from Catskill Merino to craft small batch knits. The yarn, affectionately dubbed ‘Nicole’s yarn’ by the mill in Battenkill, NY is picked up and driven to local knitters in the NYC and LI area thereby cutting down the need to ship, use excess plastic and to keep the entire process as close to home as possible.

Delma designs the original pieces and then works with more advanced knitters to perfect and produce each hand knit piece. They even take orders for custom dimensions and colors which she hand dyes herself here in Sag Harbor in her 100-year-old Claw Footed tub.

Delma is also the owner of Mind Offline, a creative space and store that focuses on inspiring crafters new and experienced to get back to working with their hands, a process she believes is both therapeutic and ingrained in us. Making contributions to our overall well-being, sense of self and connecting us to our familial, cultural, and geographical heritage.

Delma grew up in the pacific northwest in a thriving arts community that was passionate about the environment. Her passion for beaches, forests, wildlife, flora, and fauna led her to start the environmental category of the Hamptons Film Festival: Air, Land and Sea. She is also the founder of the largest global petition pushing for ecommerce shipping and packaging reform which now has over 800,000 signatures and has influenced major retailers to move towards better online commerce practices. While Delma spent her early years creating and selling jewelry and custom hat boxes at art markets, making music, and doing some basic knitting, the advent of the internet and a 20-year career in tech, media, and fashion pulled her away from working daily with her hands. She held roles at Conde Nast, Getty Images, and J.Crew.

Delma lives in Sag Harbor with her two young daughters, giant angora rabbits and splits her time between her three businesses, her many passion projects and her growing enthusiasm for wool, natural dyeing, and fungi – all of which she still has a lot to learn about! She has been thrilled to find a vibrant making community here on Long Island. She has been a full-time east ender for 7 years and was coming out for 5 years before that to surf and explore.



Beth has been combining her skills as a maker of Textile arts and a provider of health care, currently as a PA (Physician Assistant) in Ob/Gyn, since 1980. She graduated from California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) in 1977 with a BFA in Textile Arts, major in Weaving. 

The next few years were spent studying Textile Conservation and she worked conserving and cataloguing textiles and clothing for the East Hampton Historical Society at Clinton Academy, the William Floyd Estate in Mastic Beach, and Artweave, a gallery in Manhattan that dealt in Coptic and antique textiles.  

Interested in diversifying, Beth became certified as an EMT and then a Paramedic and between 1980 and 1985 worked for the NYC 911 Emergency Medicine system. Her knitting was always with her in the ambulance. In 1986 she graduated from Cornell University Medical School as a PA and that profession became full time work.  

Since then, Beth has always been knitting, sewing and embroidering. Over the last few years, she has practiced natural dyeing of yarn using local flowers and plants from her property in North Haven and vicinity, as well as using kitchen waste such as onion skins, black tea, coffee grounds, and carrot greens. Many of the home dyed yarns have been knitted into sweaters or blankets. Soon Beth plans to move into her new studio, set up a loom and begin weaving again.  



Housed in a deconsecrated 19th century Methodist church, The Church is an artist residency, exhibition space, and creativity center. It is a place where local and national artists and creatives of all stripes work, meet and inspire each other. Artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik bought the building as a shell three years ago and have led its redesign with Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership. The modern interior complements its historic frame and is emblematic of the contemporary program of events that animate the structure. The Church will increase access to the arts for our diverse audiences, foster creativity on the East End, and honor Sag Harbor’s long tradition as a maker’s village. For more information visit: www.thechurchsagharbor.org.  


The Church, 48 Madison Street, Sag Harbor


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