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The bow of a small boat moves up a tributary of the Amazon River in Peru, with forests in the background. © undefined
The Amazon River basin is one of many places to watch in 2023, where The NatureConservancy and partners aim to take conservation to the next level. © Daniel Maraña/TNC Photo Contest 2019.

10 Places to Watch in 2023

When countries across the world agreed last month on a Global Biodiversity Framework, it was a historic and long-awaited win for people and nature. Now comes the hard part: putting that plan to action.

From the Amazon River to Mongolia’s grasslands, here are 10 places where TNC is working with partners to take conservation to the next level and create a future where people and nature thrive.

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A Year of Big Wins in Conserving U.S. Lands

Acre by acre, supporters like you make a huge difference for nature. In 2022, your support was vital in TNC partnerships that protected lands and waters across the U.S., from Florida panther habitat to Hawai’i’s mountain forests.
See What You Helped Protect in 2022

Meet the World’s Largest Land Crab

A thousand miles south of Hawai’i, Palmyra Atoll is a very crabby place. Among its 12 species of land crabs is the coconut crab, able to lift 60 pounds and crack coconuts. Working with partners, TNC has helped improve habitat and brighten the future for these amazing arthropods.
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How Does Nature Improve Your Health?

Your doctor just prescribed you … nature.
Wait, what?
Nature isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s fundamental to our health.
See This Short Nature and Health Video

Species of the Allegheny Front

Bobcats, brook trout, the fatmucket and of course, the five-lined skink. They’re all among the amazing species of the Allegheny Front, in the heart of North America’s Appalachian Range.
See 48 Species of the Allegheny Front and What TNC is Doing to Conserve This Special Place


A blue European robin sits on a branch with a dark blue background behind it. © undefined
© Kevin Hernandez/TNC Photo Contest 2022

You don’t have to travel far to take a great photograph. This European robin was in the backyard of photographer Kevin Hernandez. This image went on to be a finalist in TNC’s 2022 Global Photo Contest.

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A Win for Nature: Global Leaders Reach Historic Deal at COP15.

Cheers erupted at a UN conference in Montreal last month as the 4 a.m. strike of a gavel gave life to a bold plan to halt species extinction and protect a third of the planet by 2030. TNC’s Andrew Deutz shares key takeaways from the plan, known as the Global Biodiversity Framework.
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Climate Change Is Threatening Hawaii’s Coral Reefs.

So They Called the Insurance Guy.

If worsening coastal storms damage the reefs, the Nature Conservancy will get a payout and use the money to repair the coral — work that state officials can’t afford to do.
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Teaming Up to “Keep Our Oceans Amazing”

In celebration of Avatar: The Way of Water, Disney and Avatar are supporting TNC to protect our oceans, including 10 amazing ocean animals and their habitats.

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Nuestro boletín en español te trae las últimas noticias de conservación de América Latina y el mundo, además de consejos sobre cómo ayudar a proteger la naturaleza.

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