PHOTO: Florida panther at Babcock Ranch State Preserve ©Carlton Ward Jr.

In the floodplain swamps and forested wetlands of southwest Florida, endangered Florida panthers rely on connected corridors of land to survive. Less than 200 of these big cats are left in the wild. The few that remain are boxed into tiny fractions of their historic range as urban sprawl and unchecked development slice their habitat into pieces.

You and I know that every acre we can save to protect threatened wildlife is critical. And Florida panthers are just one of many vulnerable species that need your help right now.

That’s why we’re kicking off a limited-time match to make double the impact for nature right now. Give today and every dollar will be matched up to $60,000.

This special match opportunity comes from a group of generous donors who — like you — know safeguarding vital habitat for species everywhere is urgent.

Here’s just one way your donation could be put to work.

The Nature Conservancy helped ensure the protection of Chaparral Slough, a vital wildlife corridor for the endangered Florida panther. Together with partners, we secured an 11-mile section that connects land from south of the Caloosahatchee River to Fisheating Creek. It’s critical habitat for iconic species like the Florida panther, Florida black bear, eastern indigo snake, gopher tortoise and sandhill crane.

Securing contiguous swaths of land like this gives Florida panthers and other species a fighting chance. Because as development continues to alter habitat and highways cut through vital territory, they aren’t out of danger yet.

With so many places and species at risk, we need your help to ramp up conservation work like this across the country.

Rush your gift now before the match deadline to double your impact for the natural places that need it most.

Ground-breaking land protection like this is part of our decades-long history of effective conservation efforts in the state. Last year, we finalized protection of Ravensworth Farms, a critical tract of land deep in the northern range of Florida panther territory.

By building a contiguous corridor of habitat for species like Florida panthers and so many others, we’re giving them room to roam as their home continues to shrink. It’s an example of the kind of work you’re part of as a Nature Conservancy member.

You can help do even more for nature with a gift today. Every dollar you give right now goes 2x as far. 



Nature is counting on you.

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