It’s that time of year again — spring migration is here. That means more than 3 billion birds are returning to the United States. You’ve probably noticed the merry melodies of birdsong outside of your window or seen increased activity in the branches of blooming trees.

If so, we want to know what birds are making an appearance in your yard. Take our backyard bird survey and tell us what species have arrived near you.

Whether you’re new to birding or a seasoned pro, now is the perfect time get outside and let the familiar sights and sounds of spring relax and inspire you. And we love to hear from nature-lovers like you about the birds in your neighborhood.

Which birds are you seeing in your community?

The best part is — you don’t need any special equipment or experience to be a birder! You just need to keep an eye to the trees, sky and grass and notice what’s around you. So, whether you’re gazing out of your window, walking around your yard or beyond — if you’re taking note of your winged visitors, you can call yourself a birder. How you do this is up to you, but we encourage you to challenge yourself and make it fun.

Take our backyard birding survey today and share nature’s sights and sounds from your window.

Thank you for your support and for all that you do for nature.


Dave Strauss
Director of Membership
The Nature Conservancy

PHOTOS: A Cedar Waxwing takes a break from finding lunch to give me a curious look as I get close to its hiding spot in a black locust tree. ©Emily Akins/TNC Photo Contest 2019; Middle school children birdwatch and learn about birds during the First State National Park’s Bioblitz outside Wilmington, Delaware. ©Devan King/TNC.

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