Laith McGregor, Alone Time, 2018, oil on canvas, 66 x 60 inches (167.6 x 152.4 cm)


16th Annual Thanksgiving Collective

Are We There Yet?

November 28, 2020 – January 28, 2021


Sabra Moon Elliot
Rhys Gaetano
Judith Hudson
Bryan Hunt
Yung Jake
Liz Markus
Bella McGoldrick
Laith McGregor
Angelbert Metoyer
Miles Partington
Lauren West
Lucy Winton

Tripoli Gallery is pleased to present Are We There Yet?, the gallery’s 16th Annual Thanksgiving Collective. Including works by Sabra Moon Elliot, Rhys Gaetano, Judith Hudson, Bryan Hunt, Yung Jake, Liz Markus, Bella McGoldrick, Laith McGregor, Angelbert Metoyer, Miles Partington, Lauren West, and Lucy Winton, the exhibition will be on view from November 28th, 2020 to January 28th, 2021. The opening day is Saturday, November 28th, from 11am to 6pm at 26 Ardsley Road, Wainscott, NY.

Are We There Yet? is a question we have asked since childhood, and one we know the answer to as soon as we ask it. The question itself reveals how we frequently exist in the limbo between our present and the future we imagine will unfold. However, the question of whether we are “there” or not is only answered by living in the current moment, as we take ownership of the journey to getting there. In this year’s Thanksgiving Collective, we observe the creative and adventurous minds of artists who inspire our individual journeys through their work. Beginning in the immediate moment in which they find themselves, these artists build the worlds they desire to live in or recreate the pasts left behind in the active effort to move ahead.

While artists have various sources of inspiration in our contemporary world, those sources are often our changing everyday environments, as well as the enduring natural world. Looking to nature for guidance, a painting by Laith McGregor titled Alone Time depicts a lush terrain of greens and blues upon which a map of outlines form a landscape. Steam from a cup and kettle travels up from the bottom of the painting to the shape of a man leaning on a mountain below sky, trees, and clouds. Appearing as a woodsman from another time, the man gazes into the distance from his vantage point on the mountain, a picture of reflective solitude.

A common thread through the works in this exhibition is found in the instinctive reactions of these artists to the uncertainty of our times. Seeking moments of relaxation and refuge from the noise of the outside world to which we are constantly tuned in, paintings by Bella McGoldrick illustrate her friends and daily surroundings. In contrast to these everyday peaceful scenes is the fantasy and comedy within Lauren West’s painting Horned Section, a surreal composition of horned characters and animals in a frenzy. A googly-eyed unicorn, narwhal, and red-horned creature surround the figure of a woman within a cave-like environment. Obscuring the woman from our view is a white dove captured in the moment of flight across her face, a symbol of peace within the commotion of the painting’s invented world.


Tripoli Gallery · 26 Ardsley Road · Wainscott, New York 11975 · USA